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Dubai Summer Trip Checklist, Tips, & More

Dubai Summer Trip Checklist, Tips, & More

Dubai grew from a very humble beginning as a small pearling and fishing community to a modern-day tourist paradise. It's an exceptional city with iconic landmarks, surreal architectural brilliance, and unbelievable man-made wonders. Dubai offers a year-round variety of activities and attractions. Dubai in the summer (June to August) can be an amazing experience, with surprising perks and fascinating upsides.

Dubai's Summer Weather: Overview


  • Temperature: 26°C–43°C (79°F–109°F)
  • Humidity: 52%–90% (highest in July–August)
  • Rainfall: approximately 1mm
  • Wind speed: 10 mph to 15 mph (16 kph to 24 kph)
  • Daylight duration: 12.5 hours–13.5 hours
  • Sea temperature: 28°C to 34°C (82°F to 93°F)

Reasons to Visit Dubai in the Summer

Dubai adventures in the summer offer a lot more than you can imagine. Though winter vacations are more pleasant and convenient, summer comes with greater affordability and impressive deals. It’s the perfect time of year for those who seek the optimal value for their money.

Fewer people, greater enjoyment

Most people plan their Dubai vacation during the winter, as they dislike the scorching heat in the summer. As a result, all of the top attractions and adventures are available to a select few, such as yourself. The fewer tourists, the greater the level of delight. Proper time scheduling (especially in the evenings) offers a similar experience to that of winter.

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The best deals on summer sales

Most malls and supermarkets offer exceptionally good deals on their sales. It’s your opportunity to go on a shopping spree and save a fortune. Dubai’s exquisite malls, like The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Festival City Mall, and Wafi City, open their doors for an incredibly affordable shopping experience during the summer. Purchase any item, from a local souvenir to designer brands, at incredible prices.

Exceptionally affordable accommodations

With the drop in the number of tourists in the summer, Dubai’s remarkable hotels and resorts offer their services at extremely affordable rates. It’s the best time of the year to experience the premium accommodations, amenities, and services in Dubai. Most of the best-rated resorts and hotels offer complementary amenities, services, and free upgrades to attract customers.

Discounted dining menus

Just like the hotels and resorts, most of Dubai’s eateries offer their specials (dishes) with hefty discounts. Dubai’s renowned restaurants as well as local diners offer discounted prices on their menus during the summer. So, it is a good time to try out your favorite cuisines in Dubai’s top-tier restaurants. The food and services in Dubai in the summer are significantly cheaper than in the winter. Plus, the quality of the food remains the same throughout the year.

Things to do in the summer

Dubai offers many activities and attractions to enjoy on a sunny day. You can either attend an event and become a part of an incredible learning experience or beat the heat in the water parks. Shopping in magnificent malls, swimming and basking on the beaches, exploring the astounding theme parks, or enjoying indoor sports—pick anything you desire. The possibilities are truly never-ending in Dubai.

Top Events to Attend

Dubai will be hosting several events throughout the summer. You can attend the ones that match your preferences. It can be a good day out, with a good opportunity to learn and experience new things in Dubai. These events await your presence in the summer of 2024.

Exhibition: Gold and Treasures: 3000 Years of Chinese Ornaments

Venue: L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

Date: April-August

It’s a celebration of the inauguration of L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts, in the Middle East region. You get to witness amazing traditional and modern masterpieces from one of Hong Kong’s top art collections.

Dubai Summer Surprises

Venue: Citywide

Date: 28 June–1 September

Make the most of Dubai's summer extravaganza by embarking on a shopping spree across reputable malls. Enjoy the price drops on your favorite brands, collectibles, furniture, souvenirs, and everything else in the malls. Return home with memorable and affordable gifts.

La Perle by Dragone

Venue: La Perle

Date: May–July

Ticket price: from AED 125

It's going to be a remarkable experience for theater lovers. A masterpiece by Franco Dragone, the legendary director who created Macau's House of Dancing Water and Las Vegas's Le Reve, is bringing his first permanent show to Dubai. Experience unreal choreography and jaw-dropping stunts throughout the 1.5-hour show. Mark the dates for Tuesday to Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

French Montana at Earthsoul

Venue: Coca-Cola Arena

Date: 22 June

Ticket price: from AED 199 - AED 399

On June 22, enjoy a musical evening with many talented musicians, such as Mustafa Ceceli, Amanda Maalouf, December Avenue, and French Montana, at the Coca-Cola Arena. Doors to an unforgettable musical experience in Dubai will open at 7 p.m., so be there on time.

Apocalyptica live

Venue: The Agenda

Date: 13 September

Ticket price: from AED 299 - AED 599

This is yet another musical experience but with a different taste. A metallic genre experience with Apolyptica, a Finnish band, debuts in Dubai on September 13. The Agenda, an event venue, will be filled with metallic ambiance, making it ideal for heavy metal lovers.

Activities & Attractions

Events are temporary, unlike the attractions. You get to explore and experience Dubai’s top attractions throughout the year. Even in the summer, a wide range of activities featuring these destinations keep you occupied and entertained. These summer activities help you tackle the scorching heat while making the most of Dubai’s iconic landmarks.

Cool down at water parks

Water parks are the best way to spend your day in the summer. Dubai boasts several top-tier water parks that offer amazing water activities, exciting water slides, and mesmeric experiences. Wild Wadi Waterpark, Jumeirah, Adventure Waterpark, AquaFun Waterpark, and Laguna Waterpark are the chart toppers. Soak in the water and enjoy refreshing drinks to battle the heat.

Indoor sports and adventure

Explore Dubai’s popular attractions, the Dubai Dolphinarium, the Dubai Aquarium, and the Underwater Zoo, away from the sun. Enjoy activities like the mirror maze, illusion shows, dolphin shows, and even swimming with the dolphin in the Dolphinarium. Likewise, experience a wide variety of marine life through underwater tunnels in the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. On the other hand, enjoy the snow experience at Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates. Snowboard and ski downhill on thrilling man-made slopes. Enjoy other activities such as mountain thriller rides, chairlift rides, and snow tubing, and test your skills in the freestyle zone. Ice skating at the Dubai Ice Rink is another remarkable indoor sport that you can enjoy in the summer.

Relax & Sports on Dubai’s Beaches

Drive to the beach near you and enjoy several activities like surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing, and jet skiing. Swim in the sea, bask in the sun, and enjoy amazing sunsets at dusk. A panoramic view of the horizon and Dubai’s skyline in the summer is simply mesmerizing. Kite Beach, Palm West Beach, and JBR Beach are the top beaches in Dubai with exceptional activities and easy accessibility.

Explore theme parks

Theme parks are one of the ways to enjoy your vacation in Dubai in the summer. These parks offer several unbelievable creations based on specific movies, characters, cartoons, or Lego-made architecture. It’s especially designed for family adventures with children. Exploring Dubai’s popular theme parks like IMG Worlds of Adventure, Motiongate Dubai, and Legoland Dubai can be an amazing experience during your summer vacation in Dubai.

Packing Checklist for Dubai Adventure in Summer

The temperature in Dubai can reach up to 45°C during July and August. So, you should have a proper checklist of clothing and accessories for a seamless summer vacation in Dubai. If you match your packing list to the following, your Dubai adventure in the summer can become flawless.

Accessories: sunscreen, wet wipes, misting fan, cooling towels, sunglasses, hat, lip balm with SPF, moisturizer, etc.

Clothing: loose-fitting and lightweight clothes made of cotton, rayon, or linen. Light-colored clothes are better for summer weather. Pack clothes that are comfortable and airy. Carry scarves, shawls, and clothes that cover your shoulders and knees when visiting religious places. You should wear bikinis only on beaches. Pretty beach dresses are more preferable.

Footwear: sandals and flip-flops can be convenient options on the beaches and in swimming pools. Closed-toe shoes can be worn while traveling. But make sure they are comfortable.

Hydration: A reusable water bottle can come in handy. It’s better to carry water or juice you prefer than buy them from the vendors. You should keep yourself hydrated at all times in the summer.

Transportation, food, and accommodations

You now have a comprehensive idea of the attractions, activities, events, and reasons for visiting Dubai in the summer. Having a good knowledge of transportation, food, and accommodations gives you a complete and overall insight into exploring Dubai in the summer.

Transportations in Dubai

Dubai offers several mediums of transport for travelers. You can choose a preferred way of traveling around Dubai from:

Dubai Metro

There are two metro lines, red and green, that take you to several parts of Dubai. Metro is possibly the fastest means of transportation. But they are limited to their fixed routes. You will need an RTA metro card to travel in the metro, which you can get at every metro station.

Local Buses

Buses have greater access to the corners of the city. These can be good options, as they take you to most attractions around Dubai. However, you might have to wait for buses in the sun. The bus schedule is fairly accurate, and you get a bus to your destination every 10–20 minutes. Bus fares depend on the duration of your travel. The metro card will work on the buses as well.


Taxis are more comfortable and convenient options to travel around in the summer. However, they can be more expensive for long-distance travel. Also, not all the places offer a good share of taxi service. Taxi fares start at AED 5. You can pay in cash or use the same bus (NOL) card.


Ferries are not available everywhere. These are available, especially in the creek areas and marinas. They cannot be considered a good transport medium in Dubai. The fares are similar to bus fares.

Rental cars

Rental cars in Dubai are the best way to explore the Emirates. It offers optimal travel convenience and reliability. The rental cost starts at AED 250/day. The fare system is different from the RTA system. You can rent a car in Dubai from popular brands like Rolls-Royce, Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Range Rover, Lamborghini, etc.

Food in Dubai

Dubai is a melting pot of cuisines from all over the world. You get to eat every dish you desire. Enjoy local eateries at lavish restaurants. Also, you get to eat Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, European, American, African, continental, and more. It’s up to you to decide where and what you want to eat. You will find restaurants everywhere you go in Dubai. Using the Google Maps app can help you pinpoint the exact locations of the eateries near you.

Accommodation in Dubai

Dubai hosts all levels of hotels and resorts for your stay. Decide where you want to stay and get easy reservations in the summer. They are cheap compared to winter. These are some hotels and resorts we’ve selected for your comfortable stay in Dubai.

Three-star hotels: Kings Park Hotel, ibis Styles Dubai Jumeira, Damac Hills 2 Hotel, Edge by Rotana, Rove Expo City, and Kingsgate Hotel Canal.

Four-star hotels: La Quinta by Wyndham Dubai Jumeirah, Four Points by Sheraton Production City, Dubai, Fortune Atrium Hotel, Fortune Grand Hotel Dubai, and Novotel Bur Dubai.

Five-star hotels: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, Atlantis The Palm, Grand Cosmopolitan Hotel Dubai, Palace Downtown, and Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

All these hotels offer the best services and amenities in their category. You get to stay in these hotels for cheaper rates during the summer. Please visit their official site for prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the summer a good time to visit Dubai?

Of course, the summer is a good time to visit Dubai. The weather might not be as pleasant as it is in the winter. But you get to enjoy every attraction with greater freedom and affordability. It’s the perfect time for individuals who prefer the summer season or can withstand the heat without a problem. Also, Dubai offers several events, sports, activities, and adventures that are well-suited for the weather in the summer season.

Is it too hot to go to Dubai in July & August?

The temperature can reach up to 45°C during July and August, and the humidity can also affect the temperature. But it’s never too hot to go to Dubai. You can find the perfect attraction for the summer season in Dubai. Plus, the evenings also offer a good atmosphere for traveling and exploring.

Is Dubai cheaper in summer?

Yes, in general, Dubai is cheaper in the summer. It’s all down to the emigration of tourists from the country. Summer is considered an off-season in Dubai. So, to attract more visitors, hotels, restaurants, and other service providers usually drop their prices significantly.

How hot is Dubai in summer?

The average temperature in Dubai in the hottest months, July–August, can range from on average 33°C to 34°C (91°F to 93°F). But it can sometimes reach up to average highs of 43°C (109°F). The record high to date is 52.1°C (125.78 °F), recorded in 2002. This 2024 summer in Dubai (June, July, and August) will have no natural rain, and temperatures can reach up to 103°F (39.44°C) in August. Periodically, the National Center of Meteorology can perform cloud seeding.

What are some things to do in Dubai summer?

Dubai offers several things to do during your summer adventure, such as ski and snowboarding at Ski Dubai, shopping in the marvelous Dubai Mall, watersports and adventures like kayaking and windsurfing at Kite Beach, dining at top-of-the-line restaurants, staying at premium resorts and hotels, etc. Dubai is a city of year-round adventure.

What are the free things to do in Dubai in Summer?

Going to public beaches, exploring the malls, visiting public parks, strolling on the waterfront walkways, etc. are free activities to do in Dubai in the summer. You don’t need to pay anyone for these activities.

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