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Rent A Ferrari in Dubai

Ferrari (Fast, sexy and highly exclusive)- An Italian luxury sports vehicle manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Ferrari has different categories of cars such as race cars, sports cars, and grand tourers. Every Ferrari is either a super sports car or hypercar that designed to push the limits of possibility of a vehicle on the track. Driving this car is a dream for every car lover. Owning a Ferrari car is like a dream to all due to its high price, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. FriendsCarRental is your one and only solution to fulfill your dream of driving a Ferrari. Rent a Ferrari car from our Ferrari car rental fleet and drive it all over the UAE. Choose from the latest models of Ferrari SF90, Ferrari Roma, Ferrari 488 Spider, Ferrari F40, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari F8, Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari Portofino and more.

Hire a Ferrari today and get free doorstep delivery anywhere in Dubai. It is very easy to book a car from FriendsCarRental with fewer documents such as passport or Emirates ID and driver's license. Both residents and tourists can rent a Ferrari on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

This high performance vehicle comes with powerful V8 and V12 engines, precise aerodynamic iconic design, luxury interior, safety features and adaptive suspension system that delivers exceptional horsepower and torque for thrilling acceleration. Rent a Ferrari that will give you a fun and exciting ride. Choose from our highly maintained, clean and latest fleet the best model of Ferrari that fits you and book it for your regular use, traveling, business purposes or attending a special event like wedding, party and anniversary. Drive a Ferrari and enjoy its luxury and speed with our premium rental service that will make you feel like a billionaire. Pay Less and Enjoy.

Best Ferrari Rental Price Dubai - Zero Commission 

Find the best Ferrari rental deals and prices in Dubai, UAE. Clear pricing, Zero commissions or fees, free delivery and pickup! is one of the best Ferrari rental providers and has a large fleet of sports and supercars that allows you to find the perfect one. Ferrari rental at Dubai price and get it at airport, hotel or any location within Dubai. The rental price of Ferrari cars depends on model, availability and rental length. The average Rental price start from AED 700/hour, AED 2000/day, AED 12000/week, AED 45000/month with insurance coverage to save from unwanted incidents. Rental price for some of most rented Ferrari models:

  • Ferrari Portofino available for rent AED 700/hour, AED 2500/day, AED 15000/week and AED 50000/month or more
  • Ferrari F8 available for rent AED 1000/hour, AED 4000/day, AED 25000/week and AED 70000/month or more
  • Ferrari SF90 available for rent AED 1500/hour, AED 7000/day, AED 45000/week and AED 180000/month or more
  • Ferrari 488 available for rent AED 900/hour, AED 2500/day, AED 15000/week and AED 50000/month or more
  • Ferrari Roma available for rent AED 1200/hour, AED 2900/day, AED 15000/week and AED 55000/month or more

Please note that these average rental prices can change anytime depending on the season and market availability. It is advisable to beware of cheap lucrative rental offers for these high end cars that will charge you for previous damages, hidden charges and no insurance coverage. Before driving these high performance cars make sure your insurance will save you from damages and accidents. Call us directly if you want to lease a car for long term and get the possibility lower rental price.

Rent & Drive Ferrari Supercar - Luxury With Speed

Dubai - The city of super cars and sports cars and the best place to drive an exotic Ferrari. It's a dream for everyone to drive custom color luxury, sports and supercars such as pink, pearl, red, orange, green, yellow, gold and more to get attention on the road. is one stop solution to rent cars with custom colors. These super sports car accelerates 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and can reach 400 km/h in just 40 seconds. Ferrari's sports cars and supercars lineup including models like 488, F8 Tributo, 812 Superfast and iconic 458 Italia are two-seater coupes or convertibles best fit for couples. Some Ferrari models such as GTC4Lusso FF, 612 Scaglietti and 456 GT are four-seater grand tourers suitable for families or small groups of people who want to enjoy Ferrari driving experience.

Thinking about to Ferrari rental Dubai at a cheap and affordable price? Friends Car Rental is always at your service to fulfill your needs. We offer the cheapest and lowest rental price in this market. Additionally, we offer deals and promotional prices for Ferrari during summer season. Get 24x7 customer support with roadside assistance. Drive this car and treat yourself to a luxurious dream life. 

Renting a Ferrari is now easier and hassle-free with — choose your dream Ferrari model, compare the prices and make a reservation. Choose a car from our large fleet of Lаmbоrghini, Rolls Royce, Pоrschе, Mаsеrаti, Audi, Mеrсеdеs Benz, Range Rover and more. Book today with our fast rental process and make your dream come true!

Rent Ferrari cars without deposit & installments

Make the most of our exclusive rental options and enjoy sports car rentals with optimal affordability. Rent Ferrari SF90 Stradale, 296 GTS, F8 Spider, F8 Tributo, Roma, 488 Spider, 488 GTB, etc cars in installments or without requiring a security deposit. Yes, that’s right! No-deposit Ferrari rentals with installment payment plans. Forget the complicated rental procedures where you had to worry about pre-rental deposits, money losses, and refunds. Drive the most expensive Ferraris without a dime of a security deposit. Relish our simple, deposit-less rental experience for an elevated Ferrari rental experience in the Emirates. Furthermore, the option to pay for your rental in installments is a bonus. Escape the budget constraints and enjoy the Ferraris of your dreams with the most affordable rental plans. Live your passion for Ferraris while in the Emirates without dismantling your finances. Enjoy Ferrari rentals unlike anywhere else in the UAE with FriendsCarRental. Reserve your Ferrari today!

Frequently Asked Question

The general cost to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, UAE, starts at AED 700/hour, AED 2000/day, AED 12000/week, and AED 45000/month. The rental cost depends on several aspects and varies from one model to another. For instance, the rental price of the Ferrari Portofino will be significantly less than that of the Ferrari SF90. Other factors such as the rental period (duration), nature of the rental package, customized amenities and services, availability of the car, and seasons play significant roles in determining the rental price of the Ferrari cars. The rental prices are higher with premium amenities and luxury add-ons. Also, in peak tourist seasons, the availability of Ferraris decreases, causing a hike in rental prices. So, please get in touch with our customer service for accurate rental prices for the Ferraris at the moment.

Of course, you can rent a Ferrari sports car without a deposit or credit card. Since we don’t include deposit policies for our Ferraris, you don’t need your credit card for security reasons. We also offer several payment alternatives for your convenience instead of credit cards. You don’t even need a credit card to make payments. Enjoy greater flexibility with debit cards, Mastercards, online payments, bank transfers, and cash payments. If you prefer cash payments, we accept international currencies worldwide. You can make payments in AUD, AED, GPB, CAD, JPY, HKD, SAR, QAR, USD, EUR, SEK, NOK, DKK, and SGD, among others.

Accidents are very unfortunate, especially when you are driving your rental Ferrari in Dubai. So, you should be extremely careful while driving. Make sure you aren’t the reason for the incident. Even after paying attention, if you get into an accident, you should follow these instructions in sequence. First of all, you shouldn’t panic. Don’t flee the accident or admit fault. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. If needed, call 998 (ambulance) for medical assistance. Then call 999 (police) for help and to report the accident. Don’t forget to call first. We will help you in every way possible to overcome the situation. Also, take photos and videos as evidence of the damage. Then, calmly talk with the other party and exchange contact details and insurance information. If possible, collect the contact information of the witnesses who saw the accident unfold. After that, place yourself in a safe spot and wait for help. Present your case to the authorities using the collected evidence. Hopefully, you don’t need to take care of the damage repairs.

Our Ferrari rentals offer you a plethora of customizable amenities and services. You get pick-up and delivery service to your doorstep across the Emirates. We offer airport meet and greet, pick-up, and effortless transfer to your destination anywhere in the country. Free and paid additional amenities and services are available upon request. We offer everything you need to make your Ferrari rental experience memorable in the Emirates. If this is your request, we can even arrange a premium concierge service for your Emirates stay. It’s your pass to the finest dining at the most extravagant restaurants, even during the peakiest of hours. We also can arrange accommodations in the best hotels and resorts, with fully planned adventures across the Emirates. We go beyond our regular services so that you have an exceptional Dubai experience.

Traffic fines in the UAE are extremely imminent if you drive carelessly. No violation goes unpunished here. So, if you happen to get a traffic fine while driving your rental Ferrari in the Emirates, you should take full responsibility for the fines. You should be extremely careful to avoid traffic fines, as many of them have severe penalties for violations. When you break a traffic rule, the RTA sends us the violation details and a fine. We will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about your violation. We can discuss the fine in person or over the phone and take care of it. Usually, we take care of the fine for the moment, and you pay us back at the end of your rental. Most fines result in black points that register on your license. Reaching 24 black points within a year leads to a 3–6-month license suspension. Here are some rules you should adhere to while driving your Ferrari rental in the Emirates. Never drive under the influence of alcohol [up to AED 30000, 3 months imprisonment, 23 black points, vehicle impoundment], carry all the required documents [AED 5000, vehicle impoundment], prioritize emergency vehicles and pedestrians on crosswalk, maintain a safe distance, don’t ever tailgate [AED 500, 4 black points], follow the traffic signs and stop at red lights [AED 1000, 4 black points], use seatbelts (all passengers) [AED 400, 4 black points], change lanes in safe locations [AED 400, 4 black points], don’t use cell phone while driving [AED 1000, 4 black points], drive under the speed limits [up to AED 3000, 12 black points, 60 days vehicle confiscation], park at designated areas [AED 200–500], and use child seats on the rear of the vehicle [AED 1000, 6 black points], don’t drive in a rash way [AED 5000, 12 black points], and give right of the way [AED 500, 6 black points].

First, UAE nationals and residents can rent a Ferrari with their Emirates ID and a UAE driver’s license. Second, citizens and individuals with driver’s licenses from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, most EU countries, and the GCC countries require their passports, visa copies, and driver’s licenses. These three documents are enough to rent a Ferrari from us. Finally, citizens with driver’s licenses from the rest of the countries (besides the ones mentioned above) need their passport, visa copy, driver’s license, and international driver’s permit (IDP) to rent a Ferrari. You can deduce that visitors to the UAE must at least have their passport, visa, and driver’s license. We can help you acquire the IDP for additional costs.

Included in Ferrari’s rental price: RTA standard third-party liability insurance package, child or baby seats (upon request), standard car amenities, and exceptional customer service. Regular mileage limits of 250 km/day, 1750 km/week, and 4500 km/month with daily, weekly, and monthly rental packages. Free pick-up and delivery of the car in Dubai. These are some amenities and services covered by the Ferrari’s rental price. Excluded in Ferrari’s rental price: Extra entities like salik, traffic fines, gas refills, and parking charges aren’t included in the rental price. You need to take care of them throughout your rental period. Luxury add-ons like satellite radio, portable Wi-Fi connectivity, and navigation systems will incur additional charges. Some services, like chauffeur service, extra insurance packages, and second drivers, also don’t fall under the rental price. The rental price does not include any damage repair or late return fees.

Renting a Ferrari at any Emirates airport, including Dubai International Airport, DWC, Al Bateen, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, and Delma, is extremely easy with us. Simply browse our Ferrari collection and book the one you desire at any of the aforementioned airports. Give us a call at +971555343340 or WhatsApp us at the same number for instant airport rentals. Provide us with your travel itinerary, and we will make sure that your rental Ferrari is available at the terminal of your arrival. Enjoy transition assistance at the airport, pick-up, and drop-off at your destination. Kickstart your Emirates journey in style and sophistication.

Hire sports cars near you in the Emirates in the most effective ways with FriendsCarRental. Call us or WhatsApp +971555343340 for instantaneous Ferrari rental anywhere in the UAE. We recommend the best Ferrari within your budget that meets your rental expectations. You get your rental Ferrari delivered to your doorstep. Our mobile application also offers the same service. Easily navigate through the application and rent your Ferrari from the application itself. But if you prefer a more trustworthy online rental experience, search for “Rent a Ferrari near me.” You will find FriendsCarRental on the search result page. Visit our site and book a Ferrari within a few clicks. If you prefer to hire in person, you can visit our branch office near you. Pick a Ferrari and set out for a thrilling ride on the highways.

Ferraris are designed for a thrilling, sporty experience on the highways and extravagant driving on city roads. The best thing about renting a Ferrari in the Emirates is the road conditions. You can drive your rental Ferrari almost everywhere across the country. However, you cannot drive it on off-road trails, rugged terrain, and deserts. We strictly prohibit off-road excursions for all our rentals, as it deteriorates their condition. But Emirates offers plenty of attractions throughout the country with top-quality road accessibility. Drive your Ferrari on Emirates major highways, like the Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Road, Al Khail Road, Sheikh Khalifa Highway; and additional highways like Dubai Al Ain Road and Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road for adrenaline-rushing drives. These highways connect all the states in the Emirates with good accessibility to inner city roads so that you can easily explore the top attractions from all over the country. Some of the best places where you can drive your rental Ferrari in Dubai and other Emirate states are Madinat Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Fountain, and Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Qasr Al Watan, Heritage Village, and Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Al Noor Island and Mleiha Archaeological Centre in Sharjah. Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Manama Island in Ajman. The Chedi Fujairah, Six Senses Zighy Bay, and Miramar Al Aqah Resort in Fujairah. Icelandic Water Park and Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah. Out of many top attractions, the aforementioned places and landmarks are our recommendations for you to drive your rental Ferrari.