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Rent a Kia Cars in Dubai

Browse our extensive collection of Kia cars and pick the one that excites your passion for driving. We offer you the A-to-Z of Kia cars at extremely affordable prices in Dubai, UAE. Choose a Kia subcompact, compact, sedan, SUV, or minivan from our extensive fleet. We offer a wide range of Kia cars that meet all your rental expectations, from the cheapest subcompact Picanto to the full-size family-oriented Telluride. Book your Kia today!

Kia cars offer the best value at the cheapest rental prices. These cars focus on compatibility and a comfortable experience over luxury and sophistication. Experience a good blend of comfort, reliability, practicality, performance, and some level of luxury. However, it’s all down to which Kia car you choose. Pick a Kia Sportage for ample cargo space, a Kia Stinger for performance, or a Kia K5 for optimal value. Whichever Kia you choose, you will always receive the best value for your money. Find exclusive details on Kia rentals in Dubai at with amazing discounts.

Kia Car Rental Prices in Dubai—Cheapest Rates!

We offer the most affordable Kia car rental prices in Dubai’s rental market. Our rental prices are completely transparent and sensible. We offer Kia cars with rental prices starting at AED 150/day, AED 1050/week, and AED 4500/month. No hidden fees or commissions! Request and get customized rental prices tailored to your rental requirements and preferences. You pay what you owe—not a single penny more!

Check out the daily, weekly, and monthly rental package prices for our popular Kia models:
 Kia Model Daily Weekly Monthly
Kia Sportage, 2023 AED 180 AED 1,100 AED 4,000
Kia Sorento, 2023 AED 170 AED 1,000 AED 3,800
Kia K5, 2023 AED 150 AED 900 AED 3,500
Kia Telluride, 2023 AED 200 AED 1,200 AED 4,500

Disclaimer: Rental prices are subject to change depending on several factors from time to time. These prices might not remain the same at the time of your rental. Regardless, we offer transparent and exceptionally affordable prices.

Advantages of Hiring Kia Cars in Dubai

Kia cars focus on value, features, and reliability, and you get these elements in all Kia models. These cars are among the most dependable motors in the world. You can fully rely on your Kia rental car while exploring the Emirates. On top of everything, we maintain our Kia fleet regularly to preserve their original condition. So, you don’t run into any issues throughout your rental period.

Fuel-efficient & Affordable: Most Kia cars offer exceptional fuel efficiency. Renting Kia cars in Dubai and exploring the Emirates enables you to save a lot on gas, especially on long-term rentals. In addition, these cars are very cheap to maintain. Not to mention the optimal affordability. You get to hire every Kia car you desire without spending a fortune. Kia car rental prices are a bargain, considering the amenities and features you get to relish.

Practical & Compatible: Despite their lack of luxury features, they don’t fall behind when it comes to comfortability and practicality. However, it is strictly down to the model of the Kia car you choose. Don’t expect the same features of the Kia Carnival in the Kia Rio. Pick the best-suited Kia car that meets your rental requirements the best. You have ample choices for all your needs. Choose a KIA K5 GT-Line for performance, a Kia Sorento for a family-oriented experience, or some other model according to your needs.

High-tech safety features: All Kia car lineups come with standard features. The level of automation and innovation may vary from one Kia car to another. For instance, Kia Rio might have the least advanced features, whereas Kia Telluride comes with the most advanced in the lineup. But every Kia boasts a suite of safety features, like ABS, electronic stability control (ESC), traction control system (TCS), rearview cameras, airbags, etc. All Kia cars offer a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Rent Kia cars in installments & without deposit

Experience Kia rentals in Dubai like never before with our exclusive rental options. Rent a cheap Kia car without a deposit and in installments. Achieve unrivaled affordability and financial flexibility while renting a Kia car from us. We don’t include deposit policies for all our cheap rentals. You don’t need to worry about pre-rental deposit management and refunds. Just a simple and efficient rental experience. In addition, you escape the one-time lump-sum payments as you get to divide your payment into four interest-free installments. Enjoy monthly payments through our payment partner’s portal. Make your budget Kia rentals even more affordable with our installment rental. Acquire the ability to enjoy rentals in Dubai without worrying about your budget restrictions. Keep your finances intact and balanced while elevating your Emirates adventure with our Kia rentals.

Frequently Asked Question

The general cost of renting a Kia car in Dubai can range from AED 150/day, AED 1050/week, and AED 4500/month. Having said that, the Kia rental cost can fluctuate depending on the Kia model, rental duration, nature of your rental package, included amenities and services, and availability of the car. Remember, the same model with a higher trim can cost more compared to lower trims. Rental prices are directly proportional to the rental duration and nature of the rental package. Usually, prices hike during the tourist season as the availability of cars plummets. Contact our customer service to find the best Kia car according to your preferences and budget. Also, 5% VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to all our rental prices.

Of course, you can rent a Kia car without a deposit or credit card. We exclude the security deposit policy from all our cheap rentals. So, we don’t need your credit card as a security deposit. Security deposit is not required to rent any luxury or economy car from us. No deposits, no refunds—just a simple and efficient rental process that elevates your rental experience. On the other hand, we provide many payment gateways for your convenience. You don’t need to stick to your constricted credit card payments. Make payments with cash or bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and several online payments. If you prefer payments in cash, we accept currencies from all over the globe, including USD, EUR, JPY, CHF, GBP, AUD, SGD, CAD, CNY, HKD, NZD, SEK, NOK, DKK, and KRW, among others. We also offer you a massive collection of other economy cars like Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai and luxury brands like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Audi, Range Rover, and Mercedes without a deposit or credit card.

It’s very unfortunate for anyone to be in an accident, regardless of the situation. We hope this situation never befalls you while you rent a Kia car from us. But if you are in such a state, first, you should keep yourself calm and collected. Then, check yourself and the passenger for injuries. Do call 999: police to inform them about the accident and call for help. Call 998: ambulance if any medical attention is required for any of the involved parties. After that, give us a call and inform us about the situation. We will provide you with instructions on how to deal with the situation. Don’t admit guilt at the moment, as it can lead to unfavorable outcomes for you. Keep calm and shift your passenger to the safe side of the road. If you are capable, take pictures and video evidence of the accident. Prioritize your safety and take clear pictures of your rental vehicle. Try exchanging contact details with another party (the driver) and insurance information. Collect as much information as possible, including the contact information of the witnesses. Wait for the police to arrive and handle the situation. Keep all collected information safe, as it will be used with other pieces of information like the police report and accident report to claim insurance. Your safety is a priority, so stay safe until help arrives. Damages and repairs will be taken care of at later stages.

We offer several customized services tailored to your preferences with our Kia car rentals. Our rentals are more than just cars. We focus on your wholesome rental experience, right from the start to the final drop-off. Enjoy Kia rentals at Dubai airports with free delivery and assistance in transitioning from the plane to your Kia car. Customize the amenities according to your needs. Get free child/baby safety seats for your little ones upon request. We also offer several top-tier add-ons, like portable Wi-Fi, GPS navigation systems, and extra insurance packages. It can cost you additional money for customizations. But our exclusive rental options, like Kia hire in installments and deposit-free rental, offer you exceptional affordability and flexibility. Additionally, if you desire, we can arrange premium concierge services to help you with your complete travel, accommodation, and dining in the UAE during your stay. We can help settle in the best hotels in the country and book hard-to-get, top-of-the-line dining places for a lavish experience in the country. We even help you plan out your Emirates adventure from start to finish.

If you happen to get a traffic fine while driving your Kia rental, you need not worry. We will help you settle the fines responsibly, even if you catch a fine for a serious violation. Running away from the fines is not an option. All traffic violations and corresponding fines for our rentals get sent to us. Therefore, if you receive a fine, we will be the first to know. We will contact you and send you the details of your violation. For your rental convenience, we will settle the fine payment after discussing it with you. You can reimburse us the amount at the end of your rental. Many of the UAE’s traffic rules are similar to international traffic rules. But there are also major changes that you should learn by heart for a hassle-free driving experience in the Emirates. If you follow the rules and keep yourself constantly in check while driving, you can completely avoid fines. These are some fundamental traffic rules and fines you should know: carry required documents (AED 5,000), mandatory seat belts for all passengers (AED 400 + 4 black points), children safety and child seats (AED 1,000 + 6 black points), no mobile phone while driving (AED 1000 + 4 black points), traffic signals violations (AED 1,000 + 4 black points), speed limits violations (AED 1,000 + 6 black points), parking rules, drunk driving prohibited (up to 25000 Dhs. + 90 days imprisonment + up to 2 years license suspension), right-hand side driving (AED 1,000 + 6 black points), emergency vehicle priority, pedestrian priority on crosswalks, lane change rules, and safe distance driving. Traffic rules are very precise, and small violations can lead to a fine. So, be careful while driving in the UAE.

The required documents to hire a Kia car vary based on several aspects and nationalities. For tourists, you need to provide us with your passport with valid visit visa, driver’s license, and international driver’s permit (IDP). You only need the IDP if your driver’s license isn’t valid here. Driver’s licenses from the GCC countries, US, UK, Canada, and most EU countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Romania, among 18 others, are valid in the UAE. So, if you have a license from one of the above-mentioned countries, you need not acquire the IDP. But if you are from countries other than those, you must have all four documents to rent a Kia car in the UAE. For UAE nationals/residents, you need your Emirates ID and UAE driver’s license.

Included with Kia rental price: All our Kia rental packages offer a standard third-party liability insurance package. Daily, weekly, and monthly packages have 250 km/day, 1750 km/week, and 4500 km/month of mileage limits. You get a suite of top-tier amenities and exceptional customer service. Free airport delivery within Dubai. Free child/baby seats are available upon request. Excluded with Kia rental price: Any additional amenities and services besides the above-mentioned ones are subject to extra costs. Our rental price doesn’t include entities like the salik/toll, parking fees, fines (if any), damage repairs, gas refills, extra insurance packages, chauffeur services, late return fees, and extra mileage packages. Remember to return your rental Kia on time and in the same pristine condition. Note: Our rental prices are subject to 5% VAT (Value Added Tax) by the UAE’s law.

We make your Kia rental at Dubai Airport effortless. Use our web or mobile portal to browse our Kia collection and book one online. Schedule its delivery at the DXB Airport according to your itinerary. You will find your rental Kia waiting for you at the terminal of your arrival. We offer you to book Kia cars at airports across the Emirates. Rent a Kia at Dubai Airport, Sharjah, Al Bateen, Ras al Khaimah, DWC, Zayed, and Fujairah. You will receive assistance for a seamless transition from the plane to your rental Kia. Our other airport services include chauffeur service for convenient pick-up at the airport and hassle-free transport to your destination anywhere within the UAE. Call or WhatsApp us at +971555343340 for instant booking.

We offer you four different, simple, and efficient ways to lease a Kia car near you in the UAE. First, the fastest way is to contact us via phone or WhatsApp at +9715553 43340. We can get you the best Kia car according to your preferences and budget within a few minutes. The second is to book your Kia online. Search for “Rent a Kia car near me.” You will find FriendsCarRental along with other rentals on the search result page. Go to our website, find the desired Kia car, and book it from the website. We will call you back in a short while to proceed with your rental. It takes a few clicks. Third, use our FriendsCarRental mobile application for simplicity and quick rentals. Finally, you can visit our branch office near you physically, browse, choose a Kia, and book it instantly.

Kia car is a good and affordable choice to explore the Emirates. You can drive along the most iconic landmarks in the country in your rental Kia. Experience an exhilarating performance on the E11 highway that connects most of the Emirate states. Navigate through Dubai’s iconic sites like the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Dubai Marina in your rental Kia. Drive to Sharjah’s top attractions like Al Noor Island, Sharjah Aquarium, and Sharjah Classic Cars Museum. Explore a different aspect of the country on your rental Kia by driving up the hills of Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain and Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah. Enjoy the scenic views and picturesque panoramas from the top and night views. Visit Fujairah’s Fujairah Fort & Heritage Village, Khorfakkan Beach, Ajman’s Ajman Corniche, Ajman City Centre, and Dhow Yard. A Kia rental opens up a ton of opportunities for you to explore the ins and outs of the Emirates. Most of our Kia cars are suitable for highways and boulevards.