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Dubai is a traveler's paradise and a global phenomenon offering cherished traditions, cutting-edge innovation, and everything in between. It is more than just a must-visit destination and an experience of a lifetime. Dubai perfectly blends tradition and modernity, as seen in its breathtaking architecture, culture, lifestyle, and hospitality. This Emirate is more than its iconic landmarks, such as the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Frame. It is a prominent hub for ultra-luxury lifestyles, research and innovation, culinary arts, events, nature, wildlife, and adventure.

Dubai offers incredible experiences for everyone—adventurers, luxury seekers, culture buffs, and more. Shopaholics can go on shopping sprees at world-class malls, purchasing from their favorite brands. Kids can indulge in various indoor and outdoor sports and activities at malls and parks. Family and friends can hire luxury yachts, opulent cars, or helicopters and set off on an unforgettable sightseeing experience. Dubai offers unlimited possibilities for everyone.

Take a relaxing stroll around beautiful waterfronts, thrilling trips on motorboats, and exhilarating supercar rides along the shoreline. Stay at luxury hotels, dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, relax on Dubai's renowned beaches, or swim with unique aquatic life. Jump out of the jet and soar into the sky over Palm Jumeirah. Conquer the dunes of the Arabian desert. Go on a food hunt through local and traditional restaurants. Participate in year-round event extravaganzas. Experience the exhilarating 150 km/h zipline at Jebel Jais. In this Emirate, the possibilities for adventure are endless.

One-Stop Dubai Travel Solution

Indeed, Dubai is every explorer's dream. To achieve the ultimate travel experience in the Emirates, you must choose the perfect travel partner. This is where FriendsCarRental comes in—your one-stop travel solution. We ensure that you enjoy the best of Dubai every day, throughout the year. Regardless of your adventurous interests and budget limitations, we guarantee you the greatest trip in the Emirates ever.

We'll help you explore and experience this incredible Emirate in every possible way—land, water, and air. We take care of all your Dubai adventure requirements, from start to finish. From effortless flight reservations to exciting holiday packages, we've got you covered from every angle. Our all-in-one travel services include: flight reservations; airport transfers; car rentals; limousine services; hotel and resort reservations; holiday homes, villas, and apartment bookings; vacation rentals; sightseeing tours; event ticket bookings; visa and insurance services; restaurant reservations; desert safaris; watersports and activities; yacht and boat rentals; motorcycle rentals; helicopter tours and transfers; and holiday packages. Explore the Emirates in freedom and create everlasting memories with us.

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Frequently Asked Question

A one-week trip to Dubai costs around AED 6,000 to AED 7,000 per person. This price range includes a round ticket, standard accommodations, food, shared trips, and activities. Your personal expenses (shopping, fine dining, activities, etc.) don't fall under this price range. However, prices can change from one season to another. In the summer (June–August), prices are comparably cheaper than in the winter (November–February). We guarantee the best value for every dime.

The winter season, from November to February, is the best time to visit Dubai. These months have a moderate temperature (average 25 °C), which is perfect for all types of activities, indoors and outdoors. During the winter, the weather is pleasant and welcoming. You can go out, explore, and fully experience Dubai's offerings without feeling the scorching heat in the winter. It doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot visit Dubai in the summer. Dubai is a year-round destination and much cheaper to visit in summer.

Dubai offers an unlimited pool of exciting and unique experiences for visitors. Some of Dubai's iconic and defining experiences include hot air ballooning above the desert, deep diving in the world's deepest pool, skiing on an artificial ski platform, fine-dining at Burj Al Arab, camel racing at the Al Marmoum Camel Racetrack, and underwater adventure at the Dubai Metro Underwater Zoo. Only Dubai offers these unique experiences. You can also embark on several watersports activities, desert safaris, hiking, sightseeing from helicopters, exclusive car rentals, and more.

Families with children can enjoy several fun and exciting activities in Dubai. Families can enjoy activities such as sightseeing, dhow cruises, theme parks and resorts, Wild Wadi waterparks, VR parks, Dubai Aquarium, and the Underwater Zoo. Children under the age of 10 can enjoy their day at IMG Worlds of Adventure, KidZania Dubai, Dubai Dolphinarium, or the OliOli Children's Museum. Indoor skiing at Ski Dubai, skydiving at iFly Dubai, The Green Planet Tour, and Hatta Mountain Hiking are best for teens and adults in the family.

For luxury seekers, there is no shortage of luxurious experiences in Dubai. Stay at the most extravagant five-star hotels and resorts, like the Underwater Suite at Burj Al Arab. Enjoy fine dining at internationally recognized Michelin-starred restaurants, especially the seven-course degustation menu at Al Mahara. You can charter a private yacht and set off on a cruise. Charter a helicopter and explore the stunning cityscapes from the air, or relish ultra-luxurious transfers. You can also rent and self-drive the most opulent supercars from FriendsCarRental. Enjoy a shopping spree at the global brand retailers located in the most extravagant malls, like Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. The possibilities for a luxurious experience in Dubai are simply limitless.