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Water Sports & Activities in Dubai

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Beat the heat in Dubai with our unique and thrilling water sports and activities. Gear up and experience the adrenaline rush on radical jet skis, speed boats, and jet cars, or surf the waves on wakeboards and paddleboards. Try the unique banana boat ride, fly fish, wow ride, or donut ride at exhilarating speeds.

On exciting flyboards, propel yourself into the sky and learn to perform spectacular tricks in the air. Experience the exhilaration of parasailing along the stunning beaches while taking in the breathtaking view of the iconic landmarks from a unique perspective. Scuba dive (snorkeling) to the ocean's depths and swim with the fish in Arabian waters. Enjoy the thrill of kayaking in the gushing artificial streams or calm waters of the Arabian Sea. Self-drive a speed boat and embark on a serene sightseeing tour around the opulent neighborhoods along the iconic landmarks, such as Ain Dubai, Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeirah.

Navigate through the calm waters on a one-of-a-kind e-Foil, savoring the remarkable speeds and breathtaking views simultaneously. Dubai provides the perfect stage for an endless array of exciting water sports and activities you can try during your visit throughout the year. Pick an activity and experience something fun and one-of-a-kind, elevating your Dubai trip to the next level.

We offer endless possibilities for watersports and activities in Dubai. Everyone, from children to adults, males or females, can partake in these amazing activities. Come in groups or solos; we tend to your needs at the highest level, regardless of the sport and activity you choose. We provide packages tailored and customizable to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Book Water Sports & Activities at Cheapest Price Dubai

 Water Sports & Activities Price (starting at)Location
Jet Ski RideAED 265 (30 minutes)Jumeirah, Dubai Marina
Jet Car RideAED 699 (20 minutes)Jumeirah, Dubai Marina
FlyboardingAED 300 (30 minutes)Jumeirah, Dubai Marina
WakeboardingAED 400 (30 minutes)Jumeirah
ParasailingAED 340 (30 minutes)Jumeirah
KayakingAED 110 (30 minutes)Palm Jumeirah
Stand Up Paddling (SUP)AED 100 (30 minutes)Jumeirah, Dubai Marina
Scuba DivingAED 367.5 (2-3 hours)Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina
SnorkelingAED 265 (30 minutes)Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
Deep-Sea FishingAED 250/head (4 hours)Offshore waters of the Arabian Gulf
Donut Ride/ Banana RideAED 200 (30 minutes)Jumeirah, Dubai Marina
eFoilAED 550 (30 minutes)Jumeirah
Seabreacher TourAED 525 (15 minutes)Jumeirah

Discover Adventure On Dubai's Waves

Feel the splashes, lightning speeds, and warm breezes as you witness Dubai's surreal beauty from the Arabian Gulf. We ensure that you live in the moment and create everlasting memories. Our professional cameraman captures your best moments on the camera reels. Share them on your social media accounts, or hang them on the walls as a souvenir of your new experience in Dubai. Dare to embrace the thrilling challenges of water sports and activities, and immerse yourself in the essence of life.

Book your enthralling water adventure today! Give it a try with one of our water sports and activities. Pick your first dose of adrenaline from flyboarding, jet car rides, jet skiing, hoverboarding, e-foiling, banana boat riding, donut riding, kayaking, standup paddle boarding, wakeboarding, wake skiing, bodyboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, speed boating, parasailing, deep sea fishing, sport fishing, and more. Experience Dubai's captivating aspects from a unique perspective while trying out thrilling water sports and activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of water sports and activities in Dubai typically ranges from AED 30 to AED 7000 (5% VAT applicable). Prices can vary from season to season depending on the type of sport, solo or group activity, amenities, and services included. Regardless, we offer top-tier watersports and activities at the most affordable prices.

The best time for water sports in Dubai is winter (November–February). The weather is pleasant and sets the perfect temperature for activities in the Arabian waters. However, you can still enjoy water sports and activities during the summer.

For both males and females, swimsuits are the ideal dress code for all watersports and activities. Males can wear shorts, and females can also wear beachwear. We recommend high-SPF sunscreens, shades, and clothes that are comfortable getting wet.

Yes, most of our watersports and activities allow beginners to participate. With our experienced guides and high-quality equipment, all participants can enjoy the activities with ultimate safety.

None of our water sports or activities allow outside equipment. We will provide you with all the required equipment.

Yes, there are many water sports and activities that are suitable for children. Children over the age of 4 can participate in the activities with their parents or guardians. Jet skiing, jet skiing, banana rides, etc. are among the activities children can partake in.

Flyboarding, jet car rides, sea breacher rides, and underwater scooter tours are some of the unique water sports experiences you can enjoy in Dubai.

You can book water sports and activities online, via WhatsApp, over the phone, by email, or in person at the venue. Online ticketing is the most efficient and convenient method.