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Rent Mercedes in Dubai - Sеdаns, SUVS, Cоnvеrtiblеs

Rent a Mercedes car in Dubai from UAE's largest Mercedes car rental fleet at possible cheap prices. Choose from our wide range of Mercedes sedans, convertibles, coupes, SUVs, Maybachs, hatchbacks and more. Book with us and get free delivery across Dubai. Zero Commission!

Mercedes Benz stands out from many other car brands as it is known for its reliability, quality, luxury, performance, safety and advanced technology. The brand's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes every Benz a statement of sophistication, style and superior engineering. Mercedes Benz stands out from many other car brands as it is known for its reliability, quality, luxury, performance, safety and advanced technology. The brand's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes every Benz a statement of sophistication, style and superior engineering. Driving a Mercedes Benz makes you feel attractive and prestige. It's a great choice for special events, business meetings and other events to make a good impression. allows you to choose from a wide range of Mercedes Benz models for rent on our website. You can check different types and pick the best one that fulfills your needs and budget. Travelers often choose E Class, S Class, GLC Class, GLE Class, AMG GT and more to explore this vibrant city. Mercedes Benz S Class, E Class, C Class, CLS Class, GLE Class, V Class and more are the best choice for business professionals to make a great impression. 

Mercedes Rental Price Dubai - Best Rates!

Get your favorite car on budget with great deals and rates for cheap Mercedes rentals Dubai!

Find the best Mercedes models from trusted luxury car rental services ranging from SUVs like Mercedes Benz GLS 500 or GLE 63 to luxury Sedans like Mercedes Benz S500 or C300, Convertibles like E450 or E400 to high-performance AMG G63 or C63 and Maybach like S680 or GLS 600. Whether you're looking for luxurious sedan for business trips, spacious SUV for family vacations, high performance sports car for thrill seeking adventures or convertible and coupe for cruising in the top down.

Renting a Mercedes-Benz in Dubai is the ultimate in luxury and we make it easy by offering delivery to the airport, hotel or anywhere else in Dubai. The rental price of Mercedes depends on model, availability and rental period. Here are the average rental prices for some of the most popular Mercedes Benz models come with basic insurance coverage, free maintenance, baby seats, delivery and more:

  • Mercedes Benz S Class available for rent AED 1200/day, AED 8000/week, and AED 30000/month
  • Mercedes Benz E Class available for rent AED 500/day, AED 3200/week and AED 21000/month\
  • Mercedes Benz GLE Class available for rent AED 1000/day, AED 6500/week and AED 25000/month
  • Mercedes Benz C Class available for rent AED 400/day, AED 2500/week and AED 9000/month
  • Mercedes Benz GLC Class available for rent AED 600/day, AED 4000/week and AED 15000/month

Please keep in mind that these average rental prices can change based on the season and condition of the market. No commissions or booking fees.

Book a Mercedes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and get competitive and affordable prices within budget. To get lower rates and deals long term rental is always better than short term rental.

Advantages of Hiring A Mercedes Car

Renting a Mercedes in Dubai has several benefits that make travel in this luxurious and bustling city more enjoyable:

Luxury and Prestige: Mercedes Benz is a brand that always comes with luxury and prestige. Renting one allows you to make an impressive impression and enjoy the comfort and elegance. Benz cars are known for featuring stylish designs, comfortable interiors with cutting-edge technology including infotainment systems, safety features and driver assistance that make it easier and enjoyable to drive.

Safety and Performance: Safety is a top priority for Mercedes-Benz with features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking offer a smooth and powerful performance that makes them great for driving in the city or on long trips. Usually, Mercedes Benz can go 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds. Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of models from compact sedans to spacious SUVs and high-performance AMG variants that allow you to choose the vehicle that suits your needs. We also offer Mercedes-Benz for a day, week, month or even longer for rent giving you options to fit your trip plans.

No Ownership Responsibilities: Hiring a Mercedes allows you to enjoy benefits of driving a luxury car without having to deal with the costs and responsibilities of ownership like maintenance and insurance. Added to that, these cars are popular for business meetings, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and other special events to add an extra touch of sophistication.

We care about your time and money, so we give you the best model at the best price based on your needs. We promise to give you the lowest price on the market. Additionally, we offer discounts on various types of cars with different rental deals.

Mercedes Rental Deals and Offers in Dubai has been a reliable and trusted car rental service for tourists and residents for the last ten years and helping them find rental cars at the best price with zero commission.

We also have seasonal deals and promotions with lower rates during off-peak months, weekends, long term rentals, corporate discounts, and special discounts in summer. We also provide chauffeur service for Mercedes with professional RTA-approved drivers. FriendsCarRental offers easy and hassle-free process to lease a Mercedes in Dubai. Request a callback today! Free Booking!

Frequently Asked Question

The costs of renting a Mercedes Car in Dubai depends on things such as specific model you choose, rental duration, and any additional services or features you choose. Prices for entry-level models usually start at around AED 450 per day and can go up for more luxury or high-performance models.

When it comes to hiring a Mercedes Benz in Dubai, you have a lot of choices. You can choose from popular models like the C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class cars, as well as SUVs like the G Wagon or G 63, GLC, GLE, and even high-performance models from the AMG lineup.

You can rent a Mercedes that has a lot of features that meet your needs for ease and luxury. Mercedes-Benz cars are known for their high quality construction, cutting edge technology, comfortable interiors, and smooth drive. A Mercedes rental in Dubai can give you both style and speed, whether you want to make an impression or just enjoy a smooth ride.

You'll need to provide a few important documents if you want to rent a Mercedes. For residents of the UAE usually need a copy of their passport, Emirates ID, and a legal UAE driving license. As a tourist, you'll need your visa, your home country's driver's license, and an international driving license (IDL). These papers show that you have the right to drive in Dubai and that you follow the rules.

Usually, the cost of renting a car includes standard features like basic insurance, routine maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. It's important to ask our rental customer support what exactly is included in the rental cost. Find out if there are extra fees for things like GPS navigation, extra drivers, or exceeding the mileage limit.

It's easy to make a reservation for a Mercedes at Dubai Airport. On, you can make an appointment before you get there. Set your pick-up location to Dubai Airport and choose the Mercedes model that fits your needs. Once you get there, follow the directions our rental service gives you to get your Mercedes and fill out the paperwork.

You can rent a Mercedes for a short period or for an extended period, based on your needs. Whether you plan to stay in Dubai for a few days or for a long time, we often have different rental deals for different lengths of time. This gives you the freedom to choose a length of time that works with your trip plans.

You can enjoy your rented Mercedes-Benz on a lot of great driving roads in Dubai. The famous Sheikh Zayed Road has great views of the city, and places like the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina combine luxury with beautiful scenery. The well maintained roads make driving a Mercedes in Dubai a pleasurable experience.

Yes, can rent a car without a license from the UAE. You'll need a legal driver's license from your home country and an international driving license (IDL) to do this. You can properly drive in Dubai and rent a Mercedes or any other car you want with this combination.

If you choose to rent a Mercedes-Benz from that offers you a reliable and trusted car rental experience in Dubai. On our platform, you can often find a wide range of Mercedes cars to suit your needs. makes sure that renting a Mercedes is easy, fun, and memorable by offering low prices, clear pricing, and a good reputation for customer service.