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Rent A Sedan Cars in Dubai, UAE - Free Delivery

Rent sedan (saloon) cars in Dubai, UAE from our reliable sedan car rental service available in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Reserve your desired compact or sedan cars for your next trip in advance to avoid public transportation. Our cheapest sedan rental with chauffeur service Dubai is perfect for corporate meetings, travel, weddings and airport transfers to meet your transportation needs. Request for a luxury or economy sedan vehicle with a customized package to make your journey easy and comfortable.

Find the best sedan rental for you from our affordable selection of compact, midsize, economy, and luxury sedans. Rent for a short-term like a day or week and long-term like a month or year. Keep in mind that rental rates are based on the duration of your rental. Prices for long-term rentals are lower than short-term rentals. Book now and enjoy!

Rent Economy & Luxury Sedan Cars at Competitive Rates

Rent a Sedan car at a cheap and affordable price from our branch, airport or you need it in your hotel. The average rental price of a sedan in Dubai varies on the type of sedan, rental duration, brand and any additional service. Starting prices for economy cars like the Toyota Corolla or similar models are usually between 100 and 150 AED per day. Mid-size cars like the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord cost between 150 and 250 AED per day. Luxury sedan rentals including Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi models start from 300 to 800 AED or more per day depending on the specific model and features. Our sedans can carry up to 5 passengers including a driver with luggage spaces, baby seats, 250 kilometers per day and basic insurance coverage to save you from unwanted incidents.

  Sedan Car Model Daily Weekly Monthly
Mercedes-Benz S-Class S500, 2021 AED 1,200 AED 8,000 AED 30,000
Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200, 2023AED 400 AED 16,100 AED 54,000
Audi A6, 2023AED 450 AED 2,500 AED 9,000
Kia k5, 2023AED 150 AED 900 AED 3,500

Disclaimer: Rental prices are subject to change depending on several factors from time to time. These prices might not remain the same at the time of your reservation. Regardless, we offer transparent and exceptionally affordable prices. No hidden fees, no commissions!

Choose from a large fleet of sedan (saloon) cars including Kia K5, Mercedes Benz C200, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Mercedes S500, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, Audi A6, Volkswagen Passat, BMW 740, BMW 4 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4, Lexus ES, Subaru Legacy, Mazda6, Volvo S60, Cadillac CTS, Genesis G80, Acura TLX, Infiniti Q50, Jaguar XE and more.

Sedan Car Rental in Installments & Without Deposit

Rent and self-drive the most luxurious sedan cars in installments. Enjoy your sedan rentals today; make payments tomorrow. Hire any sedan car you desire with optimal affordability in Dubai, UAE. Divide your payment into four interest-free installments and make monthly payments. Up your luxury sedan rentals in the Emirates by using our exclusive installment options. Take your Emirates vacation to new heights with our top-of-the-line sedan cars without breaking the bank. Moreover, forget about pre-rental deposits while renting a car in the Emirates. No unnecessary deposits or aggravating refund processes. Live your passion for cars through affordable sedan rentals in installments and without requiring a security deposit.

Benefits of Renting Sedan Cars Compared to Larger Vehicles

Renting a sedan offers several benefits both for vacation or business trips. Compared to large vehicles like SUVs, sedans are budget-friendly. They usually have lower rental rates making them a cost-effective choice for travelers to save money. Sedans come in a variety of brands and models that allow you to choose one that fits your needs.

Sedans are easier to handle, good acceleration, cornering than other types of cars due to their lower center of gravity (the point at which something balances) and are easier to drive through narrow streets. They are fuel efficient, consuming less fuel compared to larger vehicles and helping you save money on fuel during your trip. Sedans are most suitable for business meetings, small families or solo travelers.

Popular Locations For Sedan Rental Dubai

To rent a car near your current location you can search for "rent a car near me" or "car rental near me" to get our nearby vehicle rental. The following are some of the most popular vehicle rental locations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates including Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall, International City, Business Bay, Global Village, Mall of Emirates, JLT (Jumeirah Lakes Towers), Al Barsha, Deira, Al Karama, Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Silicon Oasis, Abu Hail, Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai International Airport (DXB), and Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). No Commission or Hidden Charges.

Call us directly or send a WhatsApp message, if you have specific requirements or questions. Also, ensure you have the proper documentation (driver's license, credit card, etc.) and eligibility requirements to rent a Sedan.

Frequently Asked Question

The general cost of renting a sedan car starts from AED 150/day, AED 1050/week, and AED 3000/month with 5% VAT in Dubai. Rental prices vary from one brand to another. Even the premium models and trims of the same brand have higher rental prices than the base models. The Mercedes S-Class S500’s rental price is higher than that of the Mercedes C-Class C200. Rental prices can change depending on availability, seasons, amenity add-ons and customization, rental duration, included services, and the nature of the rental packages, etc. Different situations lead to variable pricing. During the summer (off-season), rental prices drop significantly compared to peak tourist season. The inclusion of premium services and luxury add-ons increases prices. However, enjoy the most affordable prices even for the most luxurious sedans, like the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Bentley Flying Spur, Maybach S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Lexus LS, Audi A8, and Genesis G90, among others.

Of course, you can rent a sedan car without requiring a security deposit & credit card. FriendsCarRental offers sedan rentals in Dubai with no security deposit required. We don’t take any form of deposit for our rentals. This eliminates the requirement for a credit card. Also, we offer you several credit card alternatives for your payment flexibility. We accept cash, bank transfers, cards, and online payments. So, you don’t need your credit card at all while renting a car from us in the Emirates. We also accept cash payments including USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, JPY, CNY, SGD, SAR, QAR, OMR, KWD, BHD, CHF, and many others. We make payment as simple as possible for you.

The required documents to hire a sedan car in Dubai, UAE, depending on your nationality and the origin of your driver’s license. If you are a UAE national or resident, you only need your Emirates ID and UAE driver’s license. But if you are a visitor (not a UAE resident or national), you need your passport, driver’s license, valid visa copy, and international driver’s permit (IDP). However, the IDP is an optional document. It is only necessary if your country’s driver’s license isn’t valid here. There are nearly 40 countries in the world with licenses that are valid in the UAE. These countries include the 5 GCC countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia), most of the EU countries (Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, etc.), Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA. If you hold a driver’s license from these countries, you can drive in the Emirates without requiring the IDP. Also, you can reserve a sedan car for someone else. You and the other person need to submit documents as mentioned above. If you aren’t driving the vehicle, you only need your passport and visa. However, the other person needs all these documents.

We make your sedan rental at Dubai Airport straightforward and efficient. We offer rental sedan cars at airports all over the Emirates. Book any of the sedans at all the international, domestic, and executive airports in the UAE. Simply browse our sedan car collection online and reserve a car of your choice. Schedule its delivery at any airport of your arrival in the Emirates, including Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, Sharjah International Airport, Al Ain International Airport, Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, Al Bateen Executive Airport, and Delma Island Airport. We make sure of the availability of your reservation before your arrival. For quick car rental at Dubai Airport or any other Emirates airport, you can directly call us at +971555343340. We will help you start your Emirates journey in the best possible way.

Renting a sedan car near you in the Emirates is simple. Just search for “sedan car rental near me” on the web. It shows you a list of the top car rentals in your neighborhood. You will find on the result page. Browse our platform and immerse yourself in our extensive sedan collection. Pick the one that excites your passion for driving and book directly from the web. If you prefer a faster rental method, you can simply call or WhatsApp us at +971555343340. We run you through the best possible options based on your rental requirements, preferences, and budget. You can also visit our branch near you in Dubai to check the car before renting. You get to choose your sedan instantly and hit the Emirates highways in a matter of minutes.

Included: Our sedan’s rental prices include top-tier amenities and premium customer assistance. You get round-the-clock roadside assistance, free baby seats upon request, free pick-up and delivery within Dubai. Other than these, our daily, weekly, and monthly rental packages offer mileage limits of 250 km/day, 1750 km/week, and 4500 km/month are included in the rental price. Excluded: There are some avoidable entities, like traffic fines, late return fees, and damage repairs. These only occur when you don’t follow the rules or drive carefree. Our rental prices don’t cover anything of the sort. Other entities like salik (toll charges), gas refills, and parking fees aren’t avoidable while driving a rental sedan car in the UAE. You are responsible for these entities throughout your rental period. Luxury add-ons (portable Wi-Fi, custom color, navigation systems, etc.) and extra services (additional insurance packages, extra mileage limits, chauffeur service, etc.) are excluded from the rental price.

If all drivers follow the traffic rules and maintain control while driving, we can almost entirely eliminate accidents. Having said that, accidents are unforeseen and can happen in the most unexpected circumstances. So, if you ever find yourself in this sort of unfortunate situation, you shouldn’t panic and flee the scene, regardless of whose fault it is. Stay calm and handle the situation responsibly. First, check yourself and the passenger for injuries. If yes, immediately call 998 for medical help. Then, call 999, the police, for help, and report the incident. Don't forget to call us ASAP. We can guide you through the incident, and if required, we will come to assist you. If you are able to move freely, take photos and video evidence of the accident. Ensure you capture detailed images of the damage to your rental car. This evidence will help support your insurance claim. You also should talk to the other driver calmly, without escalating the situation, and exchange contact details and insurance information. If possible, you should also collect the contact information of the witnesses. Once you’ve done all these, you should pick a safe spot and wait for help to arrive. It’s all you can do when you’ve just been in an accident.

Of course, you can change or cancel your sedan rental reservation and get a full refund. We recognize that unforeseen occurrences happen in life. So, feel free to come forward with us. You can always cancel your reservations. But you should cancel at least 24 hours before your pick-up time to get a full refund. Also, you can change your reservation dates, packages, pick-ups and drop-offs, amenities, and services. Inform us about your decision as soon as possible. We ensure that the renewed reservation incorporates your requests. Circumstances like flight delays and cancellations are out of your control. In such case, you should immediately inform us. We will help you to reschedule your reservation. We will not charge you for such modifications.

We do have some sedan car etiquette recommendations for you. Whenever you are driving your rental car in the UAE, you should keep certain things in check. First of all, the car etiquette we are talking about is all about taking care of your rental sedan to maintain its pristine condition throughout your rental period. It's the same as taking care of it as if it were your own. Adhering to the traffic rules while driving will cover most of the avoidable problems. Besides the traffic rules, you should never drive the car off-road or in the desert. These acts can damage the car severely, as the ground clearance of the sedans is extremely low. Always drive only on paved roads. Keep the interior of the car neat and tidy. Remember to park the car in well-lit areas and turn on the safety features. Be careful of tight parking spaces, as it can lead to unwanted scratches on the car. Also, never drive the car without a complete set of required documents. Enjoy the luxury of sedan cars to the fullest; just make sure you are driving safely, following traffic rules, and maintaining the car's condition. These etiquette will elevate your rental experience to a new level.

Dubai and the other Emirates states boast a plethora of attractions all over their landscapes. These landmarks are easily accessible via any of the seven major Emirates highways. Usually, you set out for a leisurely drive in the evening and explore these attractions, enjoying a cool breeze. You will find many beach roads that offer stunning views at dusk. Here are some routes we recommend you try while renting a sedan car in the Emirates. Palm Jumeirah Road: It runs through the heart of Palm Jumeirah. You can enjoy a good evening ride on this island, relishing its wonderful view from your rental sedan. Crescent Road on Palm Jumeirah: Drive past Palm Jumeirah Road and enter Crescent Road. It’s one of the best drive routes for leisurely drives. It’s far from the usual crowded traffic in Dubai. You get to enjoy a calm breeze from the ocean on one side and feast your eyes on some amazing architecture on the other. Liwa Oasis: It’s one of the best drives through gigantic dunes in the Emirates. The experience will be unreal when you reach your destination, Liwa Oasis. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road: This route in Al Ain takes you through the twists and turns up to the Jebel Hafeet mountain top. You get to escape the standards of city life and enjoy your drive-in peace. The panoramic view from the top is absolutely unreal. You should definitely try these routes while you are in the Emirates.