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Explore Latest Car Rental Options By Brand

You've come to the right place if you want to drive a certain car type from a certain car brand in the UAE. has the most popular car rental options in the UAE. Here are all the car brands that have cars for rent such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Hyundai, Toyota, Range Rover, Audi, Honda, Kia and so on.

Why should you rent a car based on brand?

Renting a car is a safe and secure way to travel because it gives you your own car that you can drive around in ease. But when you think about renting a car, do you usually go with a company or brand you've never used before, or one you're already familiar with?

What happens when you rent a car by brand

Most people today choose to rent cars that they are already familiar with. Cars from the same company may drive differently, but they all have the same infotainment system and other features, like the ability to change the temperature or the seat or steering wheel.

The brand style makes people feel more comfortable in the car. Also, different brands are known to be good at different things. For example, Rolls Royce is known for making some of the most comfortable and expensive cars in the world. Toyota, on the other hand, is known for making some of the best and most reliable cars, as well as a lot of cheap cars.

Rent a car from your favorite brands

Renting by brand is becoming more common because it makes it easier to choose which car to rent. Since most of the cars you can rent are famous models from well-known automakers, car rentals.

People travel a lot for work and for fun, they need a car when they go for trip. Also, many people don't want the trouble of having and taking care of a car, so they rent cars instead.

All over the UAE, you can rent cars for all kinds of budgets. is the place to go to find your next rental car.

The most renowned car brands

Planning to buy a car? Why not start by renting? Just to be sure, you can test drive it yourself for as long as you want. Rent a car for a few days or a week. On this page, you can rent every famous car brand in the UAE. This time, do it right!

If you're travelling to UAE for work, a vacation, or to live here, you'll need a car. It works just as well as any other basic need in the Middle East. The hot summers aren't very pleasant, and it can be hard or take a long time to get places by public transportation.

The following are some of the most famous car brands in the UAE:


One of the popular brands that people in the UAE like most is Toyota. It's popular choice for the Land Cruiser and the Corolla. The rugged SUV made by a Japanese brand drives in the fast lane and is a favorite among locals. Most people liked the Land Cruiser, which is good in the desert, and the smaller Prado. Along with the Corolla, sedans with dark windows all around are popular on UAE roads. In the Emirates, there are too many RTA cars that are Toyota Camrys.

People in the UAE think that Toyota cars are some of the safest because they keep getting better in terms of features and comfort. So, Toyota is one of the cars that rent out the fastest. They are the ones that Emiratis and people from Saudi Arabia and Oman who visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi like the most.

Mercedes Benz

Like everywhere else, a Mercedes Benz S-class is a sign of wealth and status in Dubai. The higher your model number, the more important you are in society. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it's easy to find one. Whether it's your own car, a rental car, or a car with a driver. The new cars from the German carmaker, like the Maybach, are very popular in the UAE.

The G63 SUV is the other well-known Mercedes Benz car. The high-end SUV is in great demand all year long. From 2020 to 2023, the latest models of G63 available for rent in Dubai. It has some of the coolest features of any car and a powerful engine.


UAE's desert has made SUVs the most popular type of car. Nissan's top SUV, the Nissan Patrol, was a big hit in the UAE. Even though the country has changed and now has modern cities, Patrol has stayed the same. It's a popular car to rent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. In fact, it's reserved from a few weeks before an upcoming vacation until the weekend.

People love the Nissan Patrol SUV because it has a big powerful engine. If you're driving on the fast lane of Sheikh Zayed Road, Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road, or any other road in the UAE, a white Patrol will give you the best driving experience. Even if you were going the fastest speed you could.


Hyundai is well-known and admired all over the world. The Korean company that offers a variety of reliable budget and mid range cars. Hyundai offers SUVs like Santa Fe and sedans like Tucson and Elantra. Year after year, each new model has been a hit.

Even though there are a lot of Hyundai cars on the market, there are still a lot of people who want to rent one. Most people prefer Hyundai cars because both men and women like the brand.


As much as the Emirates love SUVs, the LX 600 from Lexus is the best. It has features that Lexus is known for, like speed, luxury, and safety. This car has all-wheel-drive (AWD) and a high tech interior.

The Lexus LX 600 is also a popular car because of it's smooth drives and off-road performance. Though you can't go off-roading in a rental car because insurance doesn't cover it. The Lexus ES 350, which is standard luxury car in the UAE, is another car that sells well. Professional drivers will take you around the city of Dubai in white, black, and silver cars. It has a lot of space for your legs and beautiful interiors for you and your friends.

We think that the five car brands listed above are the most popular in the UAE. You can rent any of the above mentioned brands through the UAE's largest car rental and leasing website.