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Rent McLaren in Dubai

Rent and self-drive McLaren supercars, hypercars, and grand tourers with FriendsCarRental to enhance your Emirates adventure. Experience the raving thrills on Emirates highways and segregate yourself from the rest in Dubai's buzzing city. Drive a McLaren and go toe-to-toe with the city's classy ambiance.

McLaren cars have an immense reputation among car enthusiasts. These British hyper- and super-cars boast charismatic appearances and equally enigmatic engineering. McLarens offer superb performance, exceptional handling, enthralling acceleration, and luxurious interiors, packed with high-end, detailed features in every nook and cranny.

The limited number of McLaren models makes them perfect for special occasions, classy events, galas, and business meetings. McLarens serves as the ideal representation of your success and achievements. Celebrate your special day with stunning McLarens from FriendsCarRental. Choose from the latest McLaren models such as  McLaren 720S, 720S Spider, 750S, 750S Spider, New Artura, New Artura Spider, GT, GTS, Elva, Senna, Senna GTR, 675LT, or 675LT Spider. Zero commission & hidden fees!

Cheapest McLaren Rental Price Dubai

FriendsCarRental offers McLarens at unbelievably affordable rates. Our McLaren rental prices start around AED 1200/hour, AED 2500/day, AED 16500/week, and AED 65000/month, exclusive of the 5% VAT. Rental prices are subject to seasonal changes, availability, amenity add-ons, and service customizations.

Here are the general rental prices for the popular McLaren model:

McLaren Model HOURLYDaily Weekly Monthly
McLaren ArturaAED 1,800AED 3,800AED 25,500 AED 95,000
McLaren 720SAED 2,500AED 4,000 AED 27,500 AED 1,10,000
McLaren 765LTAED 2,800AED 4,500 AED 30,000AED 1,15,000
McLaren GTAED 1,800 AED 3,000 AED 20,500AED 75,000

Note: These prices may not remain the same when you book. It is advisable to beware of cheap lucrative offers for high-end cars that will charge you for previous damages, hidden charges, and no insurance coverage. Before driving these high-performance cars make sure your insurance will save you from damages and accidents. Call us directly for current rates and a custom quote.

Rent a McLaren in installments & without deposit

Rent the high-end McLarens in installments and without requiring a security deposit. Split your payment into four interest-free installments and pay every month. Enjoy unbelievable financial flexibility while renting your favorite McLarens. Rent now, drive it, and pay later.

Additionally, avoid the hassle of pre-rental deposits and refund policies. Go through a simple yet effective rental procedure and hit the road in your preferred McLaren within a couple of minutes. Experience your dream cars in Dubai, taking advantage of our deposit-free rental process and installment payments.

Advantages of Hiring a McLaren in Dubai

Renting a McLaren opens up endless possibilities to visit Dubai. We've summarized them for you in these aspects:

Supercar experience: McLaren's ultra-luxury grace and jaw-dropping presence perfectly match Dubai's extraordinary opulence and buzzing ambiance. Cruising Dubai's highways and city boulevards in stunning McLarens is a dream come true for many car fanatics.

Live the dream without long-term commitment: Relish the experience of your favorite McLarens without any commitment. Taste what it feels like to conquer Emirates highways in sleek McLarens, one after the other. Don't limit your thrilling adventure to a single McLaren; drive them all and still stay hungry for more.

Elevate rental experience to the next level: Take your rental experience to unprecedented levels. Turn heads everywhere you go. Make an everlasting impression on your clients, partners, and associates. Choose McLaren to represent you while driving in the Emirates. Exude success, personality, and unmatched performance in our McLarens.

Top McLaren Rental Deals & Offers Dubai

Be a part of the FriendsCarRental to relish amazing McLaren offers and deals on special occasions now and then. Earn rewards with every rental and use them as discounts on your next one. Every rental adds to your loyalty reward, opening up doors to a supercar fiesta in Dubai.

Enjoy top-tier deals with all our McLaren hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rental packages. Get the best value for every dime. Our McLaren rentals check all the boxes: sleek supercars, exceptional amenities, unrivaled services, and assistance from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Question

Renting a McLaren in Dubai can cost you around AED 1200/hour, AED 2500/day, AED 16500/week, and AED 65000/month. All rental prices are subject to 5% VAT by UAE law. McLaren rental rates are usually cheaper with long-term rentals. Rental prices decrease from daily to weekly to monthly packages. These prices tend to change over time depending on tourist seasons, car availability, rental duration, and amenities and services. Regardless of the changes, we offer the most affordable and transparent rental prices in Dubai, UAE. Contact us via email, phone, or WhatsApp for better prices.

If you are a UAE national or resident, you need your Emirates ID and UAE driver's license to hire a McLaren in Dubai. However, if you are a tourist, you need your passport, visa copy, driver's license, and international driver's permit (IDP). The IDP is only required if the driver's license from your home country is invalid in the Emirates. If your driver's license is from Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, the GCC countries, or one of the EU nations, you don't need an IDP. The hirer must be at least 21 years old to be eligible to rent a car in the UAE. Additionally, the hirer's license should be at least six months old.

Yes, you can rent a McLaren without a security deposit in Dubai. We don't practice security deposits with our McLaren rentals, so you don't need to use your credit card as a security deposit. Additionally, we accept payments via several methods. You can use several credit card alternatives, like debit cards, Mastercards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfers, and online gateways. For your convenience, we accept payment in cash including AED, USD, GBP, AUD, SGD, EUR, BHD, KWD, OMR, SAR, QAR, CHF, JPY, CHY, and so on.

If you get into an accident while driving your rental McLaren in Dubai, you should compose yourself and handle the situation responsibly. Don't flee the scene, even if it's your fault. First, ensure your safety and contact the authorities (police 999 and ambulance 998). Report the incident and call for help. Don't forget to inform us right after that. If you can move around without difficulty, take video and pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the whole scene. Exchange contacts and insurance details with the other party. Then, place yourself in a safe spot and wait for help to arrive. We'll help you get through the aftermath of the accident.

Our McLaren rentals include the best facilities and services. You can customize them to your preferences. Our personalized services begin with airport pick-up and drop-off. Dubai airports (DXB and DWC) and locations within Dubai doorstep delivery are free. We also provide a premium concierge service at your request. We'll help you pick the best bits for your tour of the Emirates. Imagine eating at exclusive restaurants and staying in luxury hotels. For a luxurious Emirates experience, we hook you up with unlimited facilities throughout your stay.

If you get a traffic fine while driving McLaren, you should handle the fine responsibly. You cannot avoid paying the fine in the Emirates. Once we receive the fine, we'll notify you of the fine as soon as possible. Generally, we take care of the monetary aspect of the fine on your behalf. You should reimburse us the amount at the end of your rental period. If you've also received black points, RTA will place them on your license. Following traffic rules, while driving in Dubai is very important. Otherwise, serious penalties can come your way. Some traffic violations with their corresponding fines are Driving under the influence of Alcohol (up to AED 30000, 3 months imprisonment, 23 black points, vehicle impoundment), not carrying required documents (AED 5000, vehicle impoundment), tailgating vehicle (AED 500, 4 black points), running red light (AED 1000, 4 black points), not using seatbelt (AED 400, 4 black points), using cellphone while driving (AED 1000, 4 black points), driving over the speed limit (up to AED 3000, 12 black points, 60 days vehicle confiscation), illegal parking (up to AED 10,000, 6 black points), rash driving (AED 5000, 12 black points), not giving the right of way (AED 500, 6 black points), etc.

Our McLaren rental price includes exceptional amenities and customer assistance. All our daily, weekly, and monthly McLaren rental packages offer RTA-standard third-party liability insurance. Rental prices also include regular mileage limits of 250 km/day, 1750 km/week, and 4500 km/month. Additional child seats are available upon request and availability. Besides these, all other add-ons and services are subject to extra costs. Our rental prices don't include amenity add-ons (portable Wi-Fi, navigation system, etc.) and extra services (additional insurance packages, mileage, chauffeur service, etc.). Renters also should take care of entities like salik (toll charges), gas refills, traffic fines, parking fees, and late return fees. They don't come under the rental price.

Renting a McLaren at Dubai International Airport (DXB), Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) or any other Emirates airport is effortless with FriendsCarRental. All you need to do is give us a call at +971555343340 or WhatsApp us, and provide us with your flight schedule. We make arrangements to match your flight details. You'll enjoy a seamless transition from the plane to your rental car at the airport on your arrival. Our airport rentals cover all the international airports in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi.

To rent a McLaren in Dubai, you can search for "McLaren rental near me" in your browser. Find on the list. Click on it and book the McLaren from the website directly. You can also hire it through our mobile application. We recommend the latest McLaren and rental packages, with amenities that match your requirements and budget. Alternatively, you can visit our local branch offer near you and rent any model of McLaren of your choice in a few minutes. Regardless of the method you choose, we make sure you have an effortless experience.