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Rent A Car in Al Ain, UAE

Renting a car in Al Ain will help you to drive through the exciting tourist sites. Treat yourself to a unique cultural experience. Al Ain is an inland oasis city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that shares an eastern border with Oman. It's also called the Garden City for its natural springs and palm groves. Al Ain is an engraved city with an exceptional history, impressive natural appearance, verdant vegetation, and uncommon culture. Over 4,000 years ago, the City of Al Ain was a shelter for many Oases and recognized and adored by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Are you a lover of history? Do you admire nature? Do you want to experience pure culture, or are you the adventurous type who would love to seek adventure? Don't worry. Al Ain has a lot to discover.

Going to Al Ain with a faulty car can irritate your day. Also, traveling there on public transport can be hectic and stressful. Don't worry your head over transportation. FriendsCarRental is here to put a smile on your face so that you can confidently drive through the cultural and historical Al Ain City. Simplicity with convenience at its best when you choose us for your short-term car rental or long-term car rental needs.

Why Rent A Car in Al Ain?

Our tailor-fit services have made car rental in Al Ain very simple. As a rich historical and cultural city, renting a car to explore its beauty is useful. You will be more comfortable when you wrap your travels with our services. When you rent a car, you can easily access your rounds as a tourist or a resident. You can control your time, improve your schedules, and be punctual. Don't be blindfolded by Taxis and public buses hassles.

Exploring the ins and outs of Al Ain

Renting a car in Al Ain is the best decision for solo, group or business travel. This will give you peace of mind to explore, learn, and appreciate nature without other transportation hassles. The Oasis city is ready to quench your thirst in all aspects. Hire a car and visit Al Jahili Fort, the UNESCO heritage site to learn about the traditional architecture, military history, and experience. This captivating city has an unending heritage site that will whet your appetite to dig deeper for more. The Al Ain Oasis comprises lush greenery and falaj irrigation systems.

You can visit the founding father's residence and gaze at the interiors and verdant gardens. The heritage village also awaits you in awe as you experience the authentic Emirati lifestyle with a display of pottery and crafts. You can only enjoy all of these with a car.

All round peace of mind

By renting a car from us, you have signed up for peace and convenience. We expect our customers to be their whole selves while traveling, exploring, or touring. Also, we have passed the satisfaction tests and have a 100% score with no complaints. Book now for daily car rental, weekly car rental, or monthly car rental to enjoy the beauty of Al Ain.

Convenience and comforts

The best thing none can live without is comfort. Comfort plays a valuable role in our lives, especially when traveling. We always provide the best service to ensure the comfort of our renters. Call us today to get the best deals.

Ignore the hassles and congestion

Our short-term car rental and long-term car rental customized to take you from all the congestion and hassles that come with public transportation. Imagine being stuck in the heat, waiting for a transport to explore the amazing landscape of Al Ain. You won't be at your best. This encouraged us to customize this package for you so that you can go further on your activities in Al Ain. FriendsCarRental makes you the driver of your destiny, not a passenger.

Types Of Cars To Rent in Al Ain

Choose from SUVs, sedans, coupes, sports cars, convertibles, crossovers, fast cars, hybrids, economy cars, saloons and more. Our luxury car rental service will take you to the next level of elegance and class. You can find any vehicle of your choice from our fleet of 900+ brand-new cars. We have pocket-friendly packages for budget travelers. Get any of the luxurious vehicles from Range Rovers to Rolls Royce. Also, we are offering BMs, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Audi, Nissan, Bentley, Dodge, Ferrari and many more brands. You can count on us when it comes to car rental. 

Requirements For Car Rental in Al Ain

Car rental has been made easy with us. You don't have to bother with requirements if you rent a car for self-drive or with a driver. However, US, New Zealand, GCC countries, South Korea, Ireland, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Austria, Canada, UK, Australia, and many more can drive in UAE with their valid home country license. Other nationals must have an international driving permit (IDP) with their original license issued by the country's authority. Don't have an IDP? We can arrange it for you.

These are the requirements needed to lease a car in Al Ain: 

  •   A copy of a valid passport with visa or a valid Emirate ID
  •   A valid driving license (International Driving Permit)
  •   Payment options like (Credit card, Debit card, Master Card, Cash, Bank Transfer or Online payment)
  •   Must be 21 years old.

Why Choose Friendscarrental To Rent in Al Ain?

We care about our customer's happiness. Friends Car Rental is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Renting a car from us seems like you have signed up for partnership of comfort and convenience. We treat you well any time and any day.
We pamper you any time and any day. These are the few reasons you should choose us:

Lowest Prices

Our cheapest car rental service in Al Ain starts from 150 AED/day, 450 AED/week, and 1500 AED/month. All of our prices are competitive and affordable to overcome transportation needs. Our transparent pricing comes with unlimited mileage and comprehensive insurance. No hidden fees or surprises. Explore our website today and check out our amazing rental deals to book your Al Ain car rental with confidence! You'll see the included and optional add-ons before signing. No confusion.

Chauffeur Services

Hiring a car with a driver and sign up for our short-term (daily & weekly) or long-term car rental (monthly or yearly) services. We have an incredible experience in the chauffeuring service. Imagine being driven in the cultural city of Al Ain and posing as royalty. We have our drivers at vantage points at the airport, so airport car rental is easy. All of our drivers are Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) approved, professional and experienced with Dubai roads. Just give us a call.

The Largest fleet of vehicles

Our most significant fleet of vehicles consists of all the luxurious cars you dream of. Brand new 900+ cars are waiting for you. Are you ready? If you are, book now. Choose from our luxury, super-fast vehicles, SUVs, economy, saloons, sports cars, and many more.  

No deposit car rental

FriendsCarRental offers car rentals with no deposit to facilitate your travel. Get advantage of our simple and transparent rentals to skip the lengthy verification process and get on the road faster. Choose FriendsCarRental to experience the thrill of driving without having a deposit and don't allow financial restraints to prevent you from traveling! Visit our website today to find your perfect road trip companion. No upfront costs.

Installment payment plan

Dreaming of driving in a luxury car but worried about upfront costs? Grab a car and pay in installments. Pay through 4 interest-free payments. Just pay your installments on time. No hidden charges or commissions. This option allows you to drive away today and pay in easy monthly installments. You can qualify for this beautiful service depending on your excellent credit score. Drive now, pay later!

Airport Car rental service

After a long flight, you are still trying to figure out how to reach your destination, which is hectic. Please leave it to us, we can arrange a car of your choice at the exit of the arrival gate. If you prefer chauffeur service, our drivers are on standby. Rent a car at the airport from us to Al Ain and save yourself from stress. Book a car online in minutes before your arrival to get it delivered at Dubai International Airport or Al Ain International Airport. Our SUV car rental, Luxury car rental, Economy car rental, Sports car rental, and convertible car rental packages are offered at a cheaper price with no deposit.

Best Places To Stay in Al Ain

There are so many beautiful and family-friendly places to stay in Al Ain. They are budget-friendly. Here are some of them:

  • Alberni Jebel Hafeet Hotel & Resort (Approximately 166 km, 1hr 59 minutes)
  • Danat Al Ain Resort (Approximately 151km, 1hr 41 minutes)
  • Ayla Bawadi Hotel (Approximately  162km, 1hr 54 minutes)
  • Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort (Approximately 143km, 1hr 35 minutes)
  • Al Ain Rotana (Approximately 140km, 1hr 32 minutes)
  • Green Mubazzarah Chalets (Approximately 140km, 140km, 1hr 3 minutes)
  • Hili Rayhaan by Rotana (Approximately 142km, 1hr 34 minutes)
  • Asfar Resorts (Approximately 164km, 1hr 56 minutes)

Top Tourist Sites and Things To Do in Al Ain

There are many traditional and cultural tourist sites in Al Ain. We make it simple for our customers to rent a car to explore the beautiful Al Ain. These are some tourist places in Al Ain:

  • Al Ain Zoo
  • Al Ain Palace Museum
  • Al Jahili Fort
  • Al Ain Oasis
  • Al Ain National Museum
  • Al Ain adventure
  • Hili Archeological park

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, FriendsCarRental has made it possible to rent a car in Al Ain. You don't need a security deposit or credit card to hire a car. It is quite hectic to get a car rental service that doesn't require a deposit. We offer no deposit & no credit card rental service. Also, we know that all customers don't have a credit card. So, we accept payment options like (Credit card, Debit card/ Cash/ Bank Transfer/ Online Payment/ Google Pay/ Apple Pay).

Yes, you can schedule a vehicle for delivery at the airport, home, office, or any part of the UAE. Even you will get delivery & pickup service for one way car rental in Al Ain. Enjoy your flight, and don't worry about how to get to your destination. We will ensure your rental car is ready for you at the airport's arrival area. The options can be delivered to your office or hotel in Al Ain. Just let us know how you want it.

Absolutely! You can book a car one way and have time for your other schedules. Have no worries about returning. You can rent at one particular spot or city and drop it off in another location. When you make your reservations, inform us about your one-way rentals and where to drop them off.

The most suitable area for you to park in Al Ain will depend on your needs and preferences. You can park in many places such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, on-street meters, free street parking, parking lots with multiple floors and more. Additionally, parking fees vary based on where you park - standard parking costs AED 2 per hour, premium parking costs AED 3 per hour and other parking can cost AED 5 to 50 per hour.

There are a lot of amenities in the Garden City of UAE. Some of these amenities are essential to the residents and they are Al Ain International School, Al Ain American School, Al Ain British School, Higher Colleges of Technology, shopping malls - Al Ain Mall, Bawadi Mall, Hili Mall, Al Foah Mall, Parks - Al Ain Oasis, Green Mubazzarah, Hili Park, Jahli Park, Hospitals - Tawam Hospital, Al Ain Hospital, Al Noor Hospital, Fitness Centers - Body & Soul Health Club, Fitness First, Gold's Gym, UFC Gym, Golf Courses - Al Ain Equestrian, Al Ain Golf Club, Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Camel Market - Tuesday Camel Market and many more. Several mosques are built for the residents. Some are Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque, Sheikha Salama Mosque, Al Jahili Mosque, Bin Hamoodah Mosque, Sultan Bin Zayed the First Mosque, and Muwaihat Mosque.

Yes, you can modify or cancel your reservation for a rental car. Contact our rental agent via website, call or email to change your reservation. We recommend notifying us at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for a full refund. Please be aware that cancellation fees apply for last-minute modifications. You should read our terms and conditions to understand our rules before making a reservation.

Locating rental cars near Al Ain is a simple process. Open your browser on your device and search for "Car rentals near me" in Al Ain, Click on to browse our latest cars and choose your choice. You can also call customer service directly to make reservations and schedule your delivery. We will deliver a car of your choice to wherever you are in Al Ain, UAE.

Visit "" to book a luxury, sports or economy car. Look through our latest models available for booking, choose the one that suits you, and click "Book Now" to proceed. You must fill out the basic information to send an inquiry to our customer service agent. We will reply by phone or email within a few minutes. You can also speak to any of our customer service representatives at +971555343340 to book yourself a rental car in Al Ain.

The speed limit on the Al Ain trunk road and other major routes is 120 km/hour and the speed in Urban areas is limited to 60 km/hour. Also, have higher speed limits of 140 km/h in certain zones. Make sure you maintain your speed limit (which may change abruptly) to avoid RTA/ Police fines. UAE’s general traffic rules apply within Palm Jumeirah as well. These include seat belts (AED 400 fine, four black points), parking rules, driving on the right-hand side, overtaking on the left, good eyesight, no alcohol consumption, correct documents, safe distance between vehicle maintenance, respect signs and zebra crossing (crosswalks), child safety seats for children under four years old (AED 400 fine, four black points) and more. U-turns are only allowed in designated places, and the use of cell phones while driving (800 AED fine).

Yes, you can extend your rental period if your stay in Al Ain is longer. However, you should contact us as soon as possible. Also, you can call our customer service representatives directly about your extension period. It helps us take the necessary steps to extend your rental. One thing about our car rental service is that you can switch between cars during the same hire. You can enjoy all the vehicles you desire in your hiring period.