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Rent Hyundai Santa fe 2023 in Dubai

Rent Hyundai Santa fe 2023 in Dubai
Min Age
Charge fees
250 KM/DAY
21 Years

AED 400  

AED 300





AED 7800  

AED 5500


Delivery & Pick-Up Services
Ellipse Branch Pick-up
Ellipse Delivery to You
Ellipse Airport Delivery
Supplier Note: +5% VAT Applicable
Car Specs
4 Doors
7 Seats
Auto Transmission
4 Bags
GCC Specs: Yes
Car Features
Cruise Control
3D Camera
Blind Warning
Memory Front Seats
Parking Assist
Adaptive Control
Rental Includes
Additional Mileage Charge
Salik / Toll Charges
Payment Type
Basic Comprehensive
AED 10 / Km
Card, Cash, Bank Transfer
Driver's Age

Rent a Hyundai Santa Fe 2023 in Dubai for a wholesome family trip in the UAE. This automatic SUV flaunts a stylish exterior and spacious and comfortable interior. It integrates cutting-edge driver assistance systems, comfy seats with abundant legroom, and cargo space. This is a top Hyundai creation that focuses on an affordable family SUV experience.

This midsize SUV is powered by a 2.5L Turbocharged 4-cylinder with 227 hp and 420 Nm of torque. The 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe has a variety of powertrain options, including a fuel-efficient hybrid and a powerful turbocharged option. Its 8-speed auto transmission with SHIFTRONIC manual mode enables you to easily maneuver on Dubai’s boulevards and highways. Enjoy thrilling rides on the highways and experience stable and responsive handling on the off-roads.

FriendsCarRental offers you to rent this family SUV at the cheapest price in Dubai. You can rent this Santa Fe in Ajman, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Dubai and get it delivered all over the Emirates. We also offer other SUV options, like the Audi RS Q3, Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover SVR, Mercedes AMG G63, and more, for enhanced luxury and performance. Nevertheless, you can take your family and friends on the most affordable UAE adventure in Santa Fe. WhatsApp or call +971 5553 43340 to book this car now and secure the best deal.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2023 Rental at Dubai Airport

Get the 2023 Santa Fe at Dubai Airport for a seamless transition from flight to drive in the UAE. You can rent this car and schedule the delivery at Dubai Airport according to your itinerary. We will make it ready for your arrival. You will have direct access to the car as soon as you land here. It is up to you where you take the car from the airport. You can drive it to your hotel, office, meeting, or anywhere across the UAE.

You can rent not only this Santa Fe 2023 at Dubai Airport but also any other car, like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Kia Sorento, or Chevrolet Blazer, just to name a few. We have cars from top brands, including Hyundai SUVs, for your car rental at the airport. You can also rent these cars at other airports in the UAE; however, you might have to pay extra charges.

Rent Santa Fe without deposit

You can rent Santa Fe without a deposit from us. We do not have a security deposit policy on any of our cars. You do not need a hefty upfront security deposit for this Santa Fe as well. We want our customers to have a simple and efficient rental process. You don’t have to go through rigorous paperwork, inconvenient refund policies, or security deposit management.

You can use that money elsewhere for fun, shopping, or something else. We want to do business with trust. Without the upfront lump-sum deposit, you will have enough budget to plan your itinerary with more freedom. You will have the opportunity to rent your favorite cars, even with a tight budget.

Why hire the 2023 Santa Fe in Dubai?

The Hyundai Santa Fe 2023 boasts a comprehensive blend of cutting-edge technology, high-grade build materials, and a powerful engine option. This seven-seater family SUV offers you optimal performance, comfort, and affordability. You can rent this SUV for an extremely cheap price and enjoy its A-class amenities. It offers you the best value for your money.

Spacious and comfortable

This 2023 Santa Fe has a spacious interior with ample legroom and cargo space for everyone. A group of seven (7) passengers will have enough space for comfortable travel in Dubai. The first and second rows are designated for adults, while the third-row seats are suitable for children. The foldable rear seats offer you more space for your luggage on a family trip.

Affordable and fuel-efficient

It is one of the best SUVs with the most affordable rental price on Dubai’s rental market. Hire this family SUV for a memorable family adventure in Dubai. Enjoy power, performance, and comfort for a cheap price. Just 150 dirhams are enough for a short-term rental. In addition, this SUV is fuel-efficient, helping you save money.

Performance and safety

This Santa Fe combines top-notch features, comfy interior and stylish exterior with a powerful engine. You can effortlessly conquer the highways and moderate off-roads on the outskirts. You can go on a full-fledged adventure to the corners of Dubai. Apart from the powerful engine option, it integrates several driver assistant features and safety features, like ABS, ESC, TCS, VSM, DBC, HAS, TPMS, and a rearview camera for optimal safety while driving.

Why you should choose FriendsCarRental to rent the 2023 Santa Fe?

FriendsCarRental is one of the best car rental companies in Dubai. We have the best cars from all the top brands. Also, we only let you rent cars in their optimal condition. You get a simple rental procedure, tons of amenities and service, top-notch customer service, and multiple rental options. We offer you everything from a no-deposit rental to payments in installments to make your rental experience easy and memorable. Here are some reasons why you should pick us to rent a Santa Fe in Dubai:

Daily, weekly, and monthly rental options

Get several fitting options to rent this Santa Fe 2023. You can rent it on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on your needs and preferences. A daily rental package is a short-term option. The weekly rental package and the monthly rental package are the long-term rental options. Long-term rental options are comparatively cheaper than short-term rentals. We allow you to customize your rental plans as well to match your travel itinerary. 

Well-maintained Santa Fe

Get the Santa Fe in its optimal conditions from our largest fleet of brand new cars. You won’t find a single flaw in our rental cars. Our experienced technical experts constantly monitor and maintain our fleet. We guarantee a smooth and flawless drive throughout your rental period in Santa Fe.

24/7 customer service

Expect to be served at any time, all day, every day. Our experienced customer service agents will do their best to attend to your needs virtually or physically. You can contact us for any rental-related problem, from simple queries to roadside assistance. We make sure you have the rental experience of a lifetime in Dubai.

Rent Santa Fe with a driver

Lease a car with a driver even if you don’t have a driver’s license. You can relax and enjoy the passenger seat while our driver takes care of your travel. All our drivers are RTA-approved, experienced, multilingual and have years of Dubai experience. You don’t have a single thing to worry about. Just do your thing and relish the ride in Dubai’s vibrant atmosphere.

Pay your rental in installments

If you have a good credit score and credibility history, rent our Santa Fe in installments. You get four installments to complete your rental payments. The best part is that the installments are interest-free. You need to pay your installments via our payment partner’s portal. Make payments in a timely fashion to avoid extra charges or fines. Rent now & drive later!

Effortless rental process

You can hire any vehicle, including this Santa Fe, within a minute. You can rent it by directly calling us or via WhatsApp. We also offer you a website portal and a mobile app for easy rental within a few taps and clicks. In all cases, you need to provide us with some documents and choose a payment method. We offer you a straightforward and efficient rental process for your ease and convenience.

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Frequently Asked Question

You can rent a Hyundai Santa Fe on a short-term or long-term basis. The daily rental price starts at 300 AED. The weekly and monthly rental rates start at 1960 AED and 6,000 AED. However, these prices are dynamic and can vary from one season to another. They also depend on rental duration, availability, and amenities included with the car. The right way to find out the current Santa Fe rental prices is by contacting us via WhatsApp or phone at +971 5553 43340.

First, you should be at least 21 years old. Then you need your ID (passport and visa copy), international driver’s permit (IDP) and driver’s license to rent a Santa Fe in the UAE. Additionally, you can choose any one of these payment gateways (credit card, master card, debit card, cash, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, online payments).

Of course, you can reserve Santa Fe 2023 in advance. You can use our website or mobile app to send us your booking inquiry. Provide us with the necessary details for your inquiry. We will contact you via email, phone, or WhatsApp to confirm your Santa Fe reservation. But the most efficient and fastest way to reserve this Santa Fe is through a call at +971 5553 43340. You can WhatsApp us at this number as well.

This 2023 Santa Fe rental includes basic third-party liability insurance. It is the same with all our rental cars. However, you can customize insurance according to your preferences and requirements. For instance, you can add a collision damage waiver (CDW) on top of the existing one for more coverage and security. We let you choose the insurance plan that works best for your Santa Fe rental. Call or WhatsApp us for more information on insurance policies with our rental cars.

Yes, it is possible to rent a 2023 Santa Fe without a deposit or credit card. We do not have security deposit policies on any of our cars. You do not have to worry about deposit management, refund policies, money loss, and hidden fees. Plus, we offer you several credit card alternatives for a flexible rental payment. You can pay in cash or via bank transfers, master cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, online payments, and more.

The daily mileage limit on this Santa Fe is 250 kilometers. The weekly and monthly mileage limits are 1,750 km and 4,500 km. We recommend you drive within these limits based on your rental category. However, you can exceed these limits if needed. You just have to pay minimum AED 10/km past your limit. For instance, if you drive 300km on your daily rental, you will be charged at least AED 500 (10x50) for 50 extra kilos on your daily mileage limit.

Yes, late return fees apply to this 2023 Santa Fe, like all other cars. We offer you a 60-minute grace period to return your rental. If you are unable to do so, we will allow two (2) extra hours as the final deadline to return the car. It's best to return within this timeframe to avoid extra charges. If you feel like you won’t be able to return the car within the given deadline, then you should inform us about it. We try our best to figure out what is best for the situation.

Sure, you can pick up your Santa Fe rental from one location and drop it off at another. We let you do so within the UAE. You can also make changes to your drop-off location at later stages (if necessary). You will be liable for additional charges if your new location is far from the initial drop-off location. Also, you should inform us about your decision at least an hour in advance. We need this time to make the necessary arrangements for your flawless and hassle-free drop-off.

Yes, you have to pay the Salik / toll charges for this 2023 Santa Fe. Costs, like salik, parking charges, fines, and gas refills, that we do not include in our rental prices. You are liable for all these charges as per the local rules of the UAE. You will be charged each time you pass by the Salik gate (you won’t be charged within an hour). Salik is deducted from our Salik account, meaning we pay the fines and toll charges to the RTA for your rental car throughout your rental. You pay us the total sum at the end. You indirectly pay these charges to the RTA, not us. We only charge you the rental fees.

First, we have the best Hyundai cars for rental with the cheapest rental prices in all of Dubai. Second, our 24/7 customer service is unmatched, and service and amenities are fully customizable. We offer cars with drivers, no-deposit rental, and rental in installments as well. We have rental cars for all car enthusiasts and all occasions. Lastly, we have flexible payment gateways, the simplest booking system, and effortless renting from locations all over the Emirates. We make sure you have the best rental experience.

First, we have the best Hyundai cars for rental with the cheapest rental prices in all of Dubai. Second, our 24/7 customer service is unmatched, and service and amenities are fully customizable. We offer cars with drivers, no-deposit rental, and rental in installments as well. We have rental cars for all car enthusiasts and all occasions. Lastly, we have flexible payment gateways, the simplest booking system, and effortless renting from locations all over the Emirates. We make sure you have the best rental experience.

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