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Rent Audi RS3 2022 in Dubai

Rent Audi RS3 2022 in Dubai
Min Age
Dubai - Free
250 KM/DAY
21 Years

AED 1300  

AED 750





AED 22000  

AED 17000


Delivery & Pick-Up Services
Ellipse Branch Pick-up
Ellipse Delivery to You
Ellipse Airport Delivery
Supplier Note: +5% VAT Applicable
Car Specs
4 Doors
5 Seats
Auto Transmission
2 Bags
GCC Specs: Yes
Car Features
Cruise Control
3D Camera
Blind Warning
Memory Front Seats
Parking Assist
Adaptive Control
Rental Includes
Additional mileage charge
Salik / Toll Charges
Payment Type
Basic Comprehensive
AED 10 / Km
Card, Cash, Bank Transfer
Driver's Age
21 Years

Feel the adrenaline gushing through your veins on Dubai's highways while driving our new Audi RS3 2022. This five-seater sedan maintains a bold and sophisticated interior that perfectly matches its sleek exterior. It flawlessly blends a powerful 2.5 TFSI S tronic engine with cutting-edge features for a secure and enthralling driving experience. Rent Audi RS3 2022 in Dubai for a true sports car experience blended with premium luxury features. In addition, this exquisite Audi creation represents your status, success, and accomplishments in the classiest way.

This AWD Audi features an advanced TVRD system for optimal stability, traction, and handling, enabling you to effortlessly cruise and maneuver Dubai’s streets. It also offers you plush seats, spacious leg and head rooms, and 281 liters of cargo space for a luxurious adventure. Despite sacrificing some comfort levels, it provides exceptional performance for exploring Dubai.

We let you rent this Audi sports sedan in Dubai at affordable prices. It’s your chance to take this Audi masterpiece for a spin without spending a fortune. Take your Dubai travel to the next level with our Audi RS3 rental. Call or WhatsApp us at +971 5553 43340 for inquiries and quick reservations.

Why rent an Audi RS3 2022 in Dubai?

The Audi RS3 offers you a wholesome mixture of power, premium build materials, luxury, and sporty dynamics. It is a well-rounded mid-upper-range luxury and a high-performing Audi. This sports sedan is suitable for business meetings, social events, and parties where you need to make instant positive impressions. The Audi RS3 is the perfect car to explore Dubai, matching its vibrant lifestyle and high-class elegance.

Affordable rental prices 

You can easily afford to rent this RS3 2022 in Dubai for cheap rental prices. We offer you this car with customizable A-class amenities and unrivaled services on multiple rental packages. You can get this stunning sedan in any location in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman and drive it all over the Emirates. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the highly-rated amenities of this car in Dubai.

A blend of sporty performance and luxury 

This 2022 RS3 offers you a 2.5L five-cylinder turbocharged engine. It produces 400 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. You will definitely enjoy the thrilling acceleration from 0–100 in 3.3 seconds. Its aerodynamic and streamlined body reduces drag, enabling you to achieve optimal speeds on Dubai highways. On top of that, you get to enjoy abundant luxury features, like high-grade leather and Alcantara upholstery, cozy and ventilated seats, and enhanced tech features. It guarantees top-notch performance on the streets and notable comfort, even in long drives.

Audi’s prestige amplifies your personality

This 2022 RS3 resembles the epitome of quality, success, accomplishments, wealth, and prosperity. Driving this sedan to a business meeting or a get-together helps you make an instant impact on the audience. You exude a classy personality and a reputable persona, making you the man of the hour. It certainly helps you enhance your image among your colleagues, business clients, and friends.

Rent Audi RS3 in Dubai–no deposit

FriendsCarRental offers a simple and efficient rental procedure that excludes a deposit policy. It means you can rent the new Audi RS3 in Dubai without a deposit from us. This is an exclusive rental option we offer for your ease and convenience. No deposit means no refund, which takes almost an eternity to show up in your account. You don’t have to go through such a troublesome and time-consuming process to hire an Audi from us. We also offer you to book Audi A6 2023, RS Q3 2022, RS Q8 2022, A6 2024, and other Audi models without a deposit in Dubai. No hidden fees or charges!

Multiple Audi RS3 rental packages

Choose from our several rental packages for Audi rental from us. You can rent this RS3 on a daily rental package if you are here for a short stay. It will cost you a minimum of AED 999/day. You get 250 km mileage limit, which is enough for your daily travel requirements. If you have long-term stay plans in the Emirates, then you should definitely choose a weekly or monthly rental package. Rent Audi RS3 2022 in Dubai monthly for better mileage limits at lower rates.

Our weekly rental package offers you a mileage limit of 1750 km/week for a minimum cost of AED 5600/week. It is a decent price considering the amenities and mileage limit. Also, it is suitable if you are here to stay for only a week or two. But if you have longer travel plans in this country, you should opt for a monthly rental package. You need to pay at least AED 18000/month and can enjoy a whopping 4500 km/month mileage. These RS3 multiple rental packages enable you to rent the RS3 as per your travel requirements and preferences. Our rental prices are extremely competitive, transparent, and exclude hidden fees and commissions. Get the best value for your money with all our rental packages. 

Latest Models of Audi Rental Dubai

Audi has introduced several of its latest models to Dubai’s rental market. These latest models offer you solid performance, high-class amenities, and cutting-edge technological innovation. Among the top models, Audi e-tron GT, Audi e-tron, Audi Q4, Audi Q8, Audi SQ8, Audi A3, Audi S3, Audi RS3, Audi A4, Audi S4, Audi A5, Audi S5, Audi RS5, Audi A6, Audi S6, Audi RS6, Audi A7, Audi S7, Audi TT, Audi R8, and Audi RS Q8 are the frontrunners. You can rent any of these latest models from us at the most affordable prices. We guarantee you a flawless Audi car rental at Dubai Airport, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and other locations in the Emirates.

Why rent sports car through FriendsCarRental?

There are several benefits to renting an Audi through FriendsCarRental. We offer you an extensive fleet of Audi to choose from at the cheapest rental rates. Choose from our extensive fleet of sports cars including Porsche Cayenne, Ferrari SF90, Lamborghini Urus, Audi R8, Mercedes-AMG GT, Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and more. We have the simplest rental procedure and unrivaled customer service. Our rental prices are transparent and have no hidden fees or commissions.

Best Audis for rental

Our massive fleet includes a collection of top Audi's in mint condition. You can rent the latest Audi R8 Coupe 2024 or the Audi R8 Spyder 2024. We offer you Audi TT 2024, Audi A7 2024, Audi RS 6 Avant 2024, Audi S6 Sedan 2024, Audi S5 Cabriolet 2024, or any other Audi at an extremely affordable price for rental. You also get to choose previous versions of the same car for even cheaper prices.

Audi rental in installments

We offer you a special rental option to rent an Audi in installments. Forget the lump-sum payments and enjoy luxurious Audi rentals in installments. You get four interest-free installments to make your payments. Timely payments via our payment partner’s portal will help you avoid extra charges and additional fees. Enjoy optimal freedom and flexibility while renting an Audi from us. Rent now, drive it and pay later.

Audi car with a driver

You can lease an Audi with a driver to travel in the Emirates with grace and sophistication. Take your Dubai adventure and social meetup to the next level with chauffeur-serviced latest Audi cars. Luxury and sports Audi help you stand out from the rest and demonstrate your financial success and achievements. All of our drivers are professional, experienced and RTA-approved. Especially, chauffeur service is simply the cherry on top. Audi car with a driver is a unique way to explore Dubai. 

Audi rental at Dubai Airport

Reserve your rental car with us before your flight, and it will be waiting for you at any UAE airport. Dive straight and explore Dubai's attractions, from skyscrapers to souks, without delay. Begin your travel smoothly, making the most of your time in Dubai. From the airport, you can drive it to your office, meeting, event, hotel, or anywhere across the Emirates. Enjoy the performance and luxury of Audi sedans, sports, coupes, or SUVs on Dubai’s highways and boulevards while driving to your destination. Book Audi RS3 at Dubai International Airport (DXB), Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), Sharjah International Airport (SHJ) and Al Ain International Airport (AAN).

Customized service and amenities

Customize the amenities to match your preferences and rental requirements. Our insurance policies, navigation systems, child seats, etc., are highly customizable. We offer you to opt for an enhanced set of amenities for additional charges or stick to the standard ones. Additionally, we provide you with top-notch customer service that is completely personalized according to your preferences. We want you to have the most memorable rental experience in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Question

The general cost to rent an Audi RS3 2022 in Dubai starts at AED 999/day, AED 5600/week, and AED 18000/month. These base prices include a standard insurance package, amenities, and premium customer service. These rental package prices tend to change with seasons, the availability of the car, customized amenities, and rental periods. Nevertheless, our rental prices are free of hidden fees and commissions. Please contact our customer service for more information on RS3 2022 rental prices.

First of all, you need an ID: your passport, visa, or Emirates. Also, your driver’s license and an international driver’s permit (IDP) to rent an RS3 in the Emirates. You only need the IDP if you don’t have a UAE-valid driver’s license. You can lease this Audi sedan with a driver if you don’t have a driving license. But if you want to drive it yourself, you need to provide us with your license as well. Don’t worry if you don’t have an IDP. We can help you obtain the driver’s permit for additional charges.

Yes, you can reserve this RS3 in advance. The most efficient and effective way to do so is by contacting our customer service via phone, WhatsApp, or email. You can also use our website or mobile app to reserve this car. Find the car, click on the “Book Now” button, and check the availability of the car. If it’s available on your preferred date, enter other details like your phone number and email and send an inquiry. We will respond within a few minutes and confirm your reservation. But you must go through our terms and conditions before making the reservation.

All our rental cars have standard third-party liability insurance. This RS3 2022 also comes with the same insurance package. It is enough if you are a skilled driver. However, if you want more coverage against unfortunate events, you have the flexibility to request and add more insurance policies. You can go for additional packages like collision damage waiver (CDW) or loss damage waiver (LDW) for additional charges. Moreover, you can have whichever insurance you prefer with your rental car. We make sure you have the exact one you need. Please contact our customer service for more information on insurance policies.

Of course, you can rent the Audi RS3 or any other sports car without a deposit or credit card. You don’t require an upfront security deposit to rent a car from us. We don’t practice security deposit policy on any of our cars. It enables you to rent a car with more freedom and less worry about deposit management, money losses, and late refunds. On the other hand, we offer you several payment methods for your flexibility. If you don’t want to use the constrained service of your credit card or don’t have one, you can opt for its alternatives. You can pay via bank transfers, online payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercards, debit cards, or cash.

You can enjoy the mileage limits of 250/day, 1750 km/week, and 4500 km/month on this RS3. These mileage limits are well-designed to meet your travel needs on all rental packages. Nevertheless, you should always pick rental packages that meet your travel needs. Surplus mileage limits do not harm, but if you exceed the allotted mileage limit, you will be liable for additional charges. We have a minimum of 10 AED/km past your mileage limit. It can prove to be very expensive if you don’t keep your mileage in check. Choosing proper rental packages and keeping miles in check can help you maintain your rental expenses by avoiding additional charges.

Absolutely, late return fees apply to all our rental cars, and this RS3 is no exception. You should return your rental within the drop-off deadline to avoid fines or additional charges. We allot you a total of three (3) hours as your grace period past the final deadline. First, one hour; second, two hours. If you can return the car within this timeframe, you escape the late return fee. But if you are unable to, you will be liable for additional charges. In such cases, you should immediately contact our customer service for further information. We will help you figure out the best solution to this problem.

Of course, you can pick up this RS3 at one location and drop it off at another. This is a part of our one-way car rental service. You can do this within the Emirates only. Also, you can always change your drop-off location at any stage of your rental period. But remember to inform us at least an hour or two in advance. We require this time to make the necessary arrangements to facilitate your flawless drop-off. It will cost you extra money if your new location is further away from your previous location.

Yes, according to the UAE’s local law, you are responsible for salik (toll charges) throughout your rental period. It is the same with other entities like gas money, fines, and parking charges. We don’t include these charges in our rental prices. You pay salik to the RTA through us. All our rental cars are associated with their individual Salik accounts. So, when you drive past a salik gate, some amount incurs in the salik account. You will be charged only once per gate within an hour. At the end of your rental, we accumulate the total salik amount and charge you the amount. You get to check the salik details before making the payment. You can use any GPS navigation to track these gates while traveling and take alternative routes (if available) to avoid toll charges. It can help you limit your additional rental expenses.

There are several ways to rent an RS3 near you in the UAE. You can visit and rent the car using the Book Now button. It is also possible to rent this car using our mobile application. Rent within a few taps. You need to provide us with some fundamental information to rent this car near you. We let you rent this sedan at any location and get delivery within the Emirates. Out of all rental methods, a phone call or WhatsApp on +971 5553 43340 is the fastest and most efficient way to rent it near you in the Emirates.

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