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Rent A Car in Abu Hail, Dubai

Abu Hail is a neighborhood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It's surrounded by Al Baraha to the west, Hor Al Anz to the south, Al Waheda to the east and located within the Deira district. You can enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in Abu Hail, which has many attractions and an exceptional way of life. This lively neighborhood offers an array of cultural influences, tasty food outlets, and contemporary shopping malls.

Abu Hail has a metro station. However, it can be harsh to use Dubai's public transportation. In this case, renting a car is the most beneficial choice. Hiring a car is highly suggested if you want to enjoy Dubai or move around easily with your family. What's even more interesting?! Renting a car in Abu Hail only costs about AED 150 per Day. Friends Car Rental is an excellent option and highly recommended to save money and time. The rental of a car from FriendsCarRental will make your stay in Abu Hail more enjoyable and provide you peace of mind. Choose from our wide range of luxury vehicles, and get our exceptional customer service that will be an ideal alternative to public transportation for you. Book a Car Today!

Average Car Rental Rates in Abu Hail

Car rentals in Abu Hail cost between 150 to 10,000 UAE Dirhams (AED) per day. The rental price can change depending on the vehicle model, rental duration, and any additional service. At Friends Car Rental, you can rent a car in Abu Hail for as little as AED 150 per day, that is a great deal!

The following is a list of the documentation that you will need to have in order to rent a car in Abu Hail:

  1. A valid passport/  proof of Residence in Dubai
  2. Valid Driver's License/ International driving permit (IDP)
  3. Valid Credit card/ Debit card / Master Card
  4. Proof age requirement (Min. 21 years old)

Types of Cars Available for Rent in Abu Hail, Dubai

FriendsCarRental in Abu Hail, Dubai, has an extensive fleet of vehicle rentals to meet your preferences and needs. From the highest level of lavishness with our luxury car rental options to the thrilling experience of sports cars, the usefulness of economy and compact cars, and spacious SUVs and family cars are available. We also offer beneficial amenities such as transfers to and from the airport and the option to rent a car with a driver to make your rental experience even easier. We also offer beneficial amenities such as transfers to and from the airport and the option to rent a car with a driver to make your rental experience even easier.

Which car do you want? Choose your desired car from Lexus, Rolls Royce, KIA, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Audi, Land Rover, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Cadillac, Nissan and many more. Check out this page for renting details of each car.

Driving Safety and Security

Driving safely and securely in Abu Hail is an important part of travelling around the city. Follow local traffic laws and rules at all times to make sure you have a safe driving experience. Maintaining compliance with the local traffic rules and regulations is absolutely necessary in order to guarantee a risk-free driving experience. This includes the following:

If you are ready to rent a car, driving safety and security are big concerns in any city, including Abu Hail, Dubai. Here are some tips to ensure safety while driving in this area:

  • Follow traffic signals and speed limits [Min. 20 km/h to 120 km/h] in Abu Hail, Dubai
  • Ensure all passengers are securely fastened with seat belts
  • Avoid using mobile devices to reduce distractions & fines while driving
  • Be cautious of aggressive drivers and keep a safe following distance
  • Park only in designated areas to Avoid RTA fines [Parking charge AED 2 to AED 20 per hour]
  • Never drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol
  • Lock your car and don't leave valuables in sight
  • Use RTA Dubai App for real-time traffic updates and information
  • Stay calm and avoid confrontations in traffic
  • Contact emergency numbers for services like police (999) ambulance (998) and fire emergencies (997)

You can start your Dubai adventures without worrying about Abu Hail. There are many fuel stations open 24/7 that provide premium unleaded gasoline. Fuel up at petrol stations like ENOC, Emarat, and EPPCO. You can refill from E-Plus (91 Octane), Special (95 Octane), Super (98 Octane), or Diesel to make sure your rental car goes smoothly through Dubai's busy road.

Seasonal Driving Tips to Consider While Renting A Car

There are seasonal conditions and difficulties that may affect your driving experience when you rent a car in Abu Hail, or anywhere else in Dubai, UAE. The weather in Dubai is hot and dry for most of the year, but each season has its own things to be mindful about. Seasonal driving tips for Abu Hail, Dubai:

Summer: June–August

  • Check air conditioning is working due to the extreme heat
  • Carry sufficient water for hydration
  • Check the car cooling system and tyre pressure
  • Plan to drive during cooler times of the day to avoid  peak temperatures

Autumn (September to November):

  • Expect rain showers on occasion and drive cautiously. However, rain is quite unusual in Dubai
  • Make sure the windshield wipers work well in case it rains
  • Plan to visit the desert or explore the city in the milder seasons

Winter (December to February):

  • Enjoy the cooler weather during the day
  • Pack warm clothes for chilly evenings, if necessary
  • Monitor weather forecasts for fog, especially in the early morning

Spring (March to May):

  • Beware of sandstorms
  • Enjoy mild temps but beware of sandstorms
  • Check air quality during sandstorms and use car air filters if needed

Abu Hail's Best Hotels and Places to Stay

Abu Hail is a residential community area of Dubai, UAE. This area is a part of the larger Deira city — a popular place for tourists to stay. Also, it's close to many popular tourist attractions and the Dubai International Airport. There are several hotels are available near the Abu Hail area. Here are some options:

  1. Flora Grand Hotel
  2. Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre
  3. Novotel Deira City Centre
  4. Ibis Deira City Centre
  5. Aloft City Centre Deira

Top Tourist Attractions and Best Things To Do in Abu Hail

Abu Hail isn't as well-known as some other parts of Dubai, though it has its own unique attractions to see and do. These are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Abu Hail and the nearby areas:

  • Al Mamzar Beach Park
  • Deira City Centre (shopping, dining, entertainment)
  • Al Mamzar Beach
  • Dubai Creek (stroll, abra ride)
  • Dubai Spice Souk (in nearby Deira)
  • Gold Souk (in nearby Deira)
  • Dubai Heritage Village (in nearby Al Shindagha)
  • Explore Deira's markets (Perfume Souk, Fish Market)
  • Eat at local restaurants (Emirati and Middle Eastern cuisine)

Enjoy an exquisite Abu Hail and Dubai trip with Friends Car Rental. Our wide fleet offers affordable & budget-friendly choices to rent a car in Abu Hail, Dubai, at the best rates. We prioritise your convenience and budget to ensure you can enjoy Dubai hassle-free. Our professional assistance and diverse car options make exploring the city easier.

Frequently Asked Question

FriendsCarRental is the highly recommended rental car company in Abu Hail. We offer numerous types of cars to meet your needs — from compact cars for solo trips to big SUVs for family or group trips.

Yes, you can! We want to make the rental process easy for you. FriendsCarRental accepts debit cards including Credit Cards, Master Cards, Visa Cards, American Express, cash and online payments.

Of course! FriendsCarRental knows that things don't always go as planned. With our one-way rental option, you can return the car to a different location. Also, you can book our airport transfer service to and from DXB, DWC and SHJ Airport to make your journey hassle free.

Your safety is our top priority. Immediately contact us if you are involved in a collision or vehicle breaks down. We'll help you through the process and work with the local government to solve the issues in need. We want you to promptly and easily get back on the road.

We want things to be easy for you. FriendsCarRental gives you a car with a full tank of fuel when you rent it. The same way you got it, just return it. You can choose to pre-purchase fuel instead if you'd rather. You'll pay for a full tank up front and return the car with an empty tank.

Unfortunately, No. Our cars are luxury and highly maintained and are not appropriate for off-road or desert driving. You will be responsible for any damages that may occur due to doing that type of activity. We can assist you in finding the appropriate rentals to go off-road.

Of course! We care about your comfort. We also offer additional services like child seats and GPS navigation systems, birthday or wedding surprises and many more. Please let us know your preferences when you booking, and we'll make sure your getaway is hassle-free.

No, our rental cars are only for traveling within the UAE. It is not permitted to take the car to other countries or cross UAE border. Renting a car from Dubai and taking it to Oman is also considered as an illegal activity. However, you're free to drive the car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

Absolutely! FriendsCarRental offers you to rent a car with a professional driver approved by RTA. They know the ins and outs of Dubai's roads that assuring a smooth and pleasurable ride for you.

No more credit card or deposit stress! FriendsCarRental offers you renting any car from our fleet in Abu Hail, Dubai without requiring a traditional deposit or credit card. Also, we accept Mastercard, debit cards, bank transfers, online payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cash. Choose what works best for you. So, skip the credit card swipe to enjoy a simpler hiring process. Contact us today to explore our selection of vehicles and confirm your deposit-free hire!